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July 7th, 2014 Comments

Successive Attempt of Weight Loss

Old and new cells

It turns out, however, that even worse is to do nothing, i.e. take no attempt to break the balance. Researchers from Ohio University conducted experiments on mice: it turned out that those who were fed alternately time low, lived longer than those that were fed all the time thing. This does not change the fact that the constant fluctuations in weight are not recommended as badly affect the heart and circulatory system, weaken the immune system.

Introduction to Lacy Arnold - Keep in mind that each successive attempt weight loss that ends yo-yo effect makes the next diet will be less effective. Choosing the wrong method of weight loss, not only to condemn the immediate failure, but also reduce their chances for the future.

Seemingly trivial and often occurs yo-yo effect is poorly conditioned re proliferation of existing fat cells. As it turns out, in the first phase of re-gaining weight did not occur to fill the emptied fat cells, but to the very rapid production of a completely new, which then together with the existing cells effectively increase its size.

Nutritionist explains the dangerous mechanism. - And as you know, once formed fat cells can no longer get lost. Thus, any ill-treatment slimming leaves in the fall another portion indestructible cells. For many years it was thought that new fat cells can only arise during childhood and adolescence. Today we know that the growth of new fat cells can occur at any age, and especially this favorable factor is the yo-yo effect.

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