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August 19th, 2014 Comments

Risk of cardiovascular disease associated with blood pressure

Experts insist there are already ten years that the systolic pressure, which increases with age, especially for older people, is a better predictor of risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, this progressive insight seems to hesitate on the threshold of the parlor: many GPs scare still harder from an extreme lower than systolic pressure. This week, throwing three idiots in this area in The Lancet, the bombshell: meet in their fifties, only the top pressure, forget the pressure, they suggest.

They see four advantages: the systolic blood pressure can be accurately measured and that predicts the risk better. In addition, all those suffering from high blood pressure only confused: which of the two values is the most important? Moreover, the doctor immediately relieved of the conflicting advice he received years. And the pharmaceutical company does only have to focus on pills against a too high over pressure.

Going the doctors cut the knot? That remains to be seen. Dr. Michiel Bots, an epidemiologist at the Utrecht Medical Center, feels there is: "The arguments are correct. The above pressure is a better predictor of in older people. The rules for estimating the risk of cardiovascular disease, the pressure does not even more. But I know; medical practice is traditional. “Just by biting”No, do not", says Dr. Ken Burge, internist at the Academic Medical Centre.

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