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August 20th, 2014 Comments

Medications to Cure Herpes in Pregnant Women


The herpes virus is present in 90% of the population. It is active in stressful conditions or weakened immune system. Infection with herpes during pregnancy can lead to negative consequences. It has been found in some cases that herpes can influence the course of pregnancy.

What If a Woman has Virus Before She Gets Pregnant?

If the herpes virus is already inside a woman body before she gets pregnant, it will not affect the fetus, as her body has antibodies which are developed by her immune system over time to deal with this type of health related issues. In order to identify the virus, you must pass a blood test. The presence of immunoglobulins in the blood indicates recurrent herpes, which has almost no effect on pregnancy. In fact, some experts believe that the recurrence of the disease during pregnancy is beneficial for the child, as in this case from the mother into his body through the placenta fall antibodies whose main function is to protect the fetus from infection.

What If a Woman Gets Infected by the Virus during Pregnancy?

Herpes can have an adverse effect on the fetus if a woman gets infected with the virus during gestation. In this case, the disease brings a lot of trouble. If pregnancy occurs, lowering immunity is a natural condition in which the child can develop. Infection with the herpes virus against the lowered immunity can be dangerous. Many medications can have adverse effect on the fetus. Treatment of the disease is usually ineffective folk remedies. There is a strong likelihood that the virus enters the ovum and cause changes in the development of the embryo. The virus is even more dangerous in early pregnancy, in this case, the fetus can’t start to develop properly, and the chances of miscarriage are increased by 55%. In Addition you can visit our Official Website:

Different Ways to Deal with Herpes Virus


Use of Licorice root

This is considered to be one of the best ways to deal with the problem of herpes and other similar diseases. This herb has anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and it comprises of glyceric acid, which effectively stops the development of viral cells.

•    Mix ½ tablespoon of liquorice powder with the same amount of clean water.
•    Get abundance of cream and if necessary, add more water.
•    Instead of water, petroleum jelly can also be used and if you feel necessary, you can also increase the quantity (Petroleum Jelly Source by Gov).
•    Apply the prepared paste on the entire area affected with herpes with a cotton swab.
•    Let the solution rest on the affected area and do not wash it for a few hours.

Use of Hydrogen Peroxide

Peroxide can also treat herpes. Though the use of this particular way can be quite unpleasant for you, it still causes much less pain than many other drugs. Hydrogen peroxide has disinfecting properties which helps to reduce the pain of cold sores and keep it clean as well.

•    Moisten a cotton pad with a small amount of hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the affected area.
•    Most likely, you will experience a burning sensation on your skin but make sure to hold the tampon for about a few seconds.
You can also take advantage of some drugs that help fighting the viruses that cause herpes. Such drugs include acyclovir, famciclovir, inosine pranobex and valacyclovir. To Read further about us Just Click the Picture Below:


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