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September 12th, 2014 Comments

Treatments to Fight Cellulite

14105178841410517909_crop.jpgCellulite is the worst enemy of any woman and it affects us all like a plague. It is resistant to dieting and appears in women with any type of body, which explains the interest of researchers on techniques to combat the most advanced stages of cellulite.

But, what exactly it is? It is fat that lies just under the skin and, as a result, creates small pores responsible of dreaded Orange peel skin. The most affected areas are the legs and buttocks, but it can also be found in belly and arms. Let's review the options that exist to remove it for good.

Mechanical treatments

The Endermology Cellu M6 is a massage that is done with a machine that pulls a sheet of skin and works it with light movements to activate cellular exchange and remove the debris and cause the grease to circulate again. It is French techniques to fight with the cellulite and is widespread around the world; it is applied in multiple 30- minute sessions once or twice in a week.

Kind Of Peeling Skin Problem And Cure Of Joey Atlas For Cellulite.

The pressure therapy is a technique that has gained much fame in the recent years. It is lymphatic drainage done with an air machine that inflates up in a progressive manner with a pair of boots, covering from feet to the top of the legs. The aim is to activate the venous and lymphatic circulation. Press therapy is applied in 40-minute session which is also an effective weapon against water retention.

Medical & Surgical Cures

1 – Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is another option to get rid of the cellulite deposits. In this process, a subcutaneous product is injected which act on to remove cellulite. It is highly recommended in the cases of diffused cellulite and circulatory issues.

2 – Liposuction

It is performed under anesthesia as it sucks the excess subcutaneous fat. You are required to take into account that it is not an operation and it only works on some types of cellulite. In addition, this process may not guarantee the full erase of unsightly orange peel effect.

Electrotherapy & Ultrasonolipolisis

They are the top methods used in form of electrical currents known as ultrasound or infrared. This process is executed through electrodes that are placed in the targeted areas attached with the device. As a result, it makes three skin effects i.e. it rises the temperature of the tissue, increases cell permeability of adipocytes and connective tissues present in the hypodermis.

These methods improve the blood circulation flow significantly, allowing release of the toxins and make it easier to the arrival of the oxygen you need for the skin to improve the appearance of orange peel.


Creams are increasingly effective as they employ the draining assets to combat fluid retention and clearing the tissues, burn fat and smooth the skin. Here the triple action takes place as it limits swelling, reduces the number and volume and improves the skin appearance. Apply the creams by giving massage with alternating movements from the top down.

The Most Innovative Treatments

Carboxitherapy is one of the most recent methods to remove the cellulite. It is to inject subcutaneously carbon dioxide (CO2) with a fine needle accompanied by a massage. As a result, there is improvement in flow of blood and the mobilization of fat embedded, so it considerably improves the appearance of skin and reduces the volume and the heaviness in legs.

Some More Therapies Are Here.

Ozone Therapy

This is another new little known but very effective technique. It involves injecting ozone gas in the areas where cellulite is present which has the ability to attack the unsaturated fatty acid chain and convert FAT lipophilic molecules to water; as a result, it greatly facilitates cellulite removal.


This is practiced in centers of thalassotherapy spas or hot spring resorts. It is one of the most claimed techniques consisting of precise gymnastics practiced in water. Its objective is to toughen the postural muscles because its action on the venous return is four times higher than the superficial muscles.

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