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February 5th, 2015 Comments

I should be careful not to wear the same pair of shoes for a few

 also in the upper is covered with a layer of paper towels on the Sun won't turn yellow. Satin: many of the more upscale side dress shoes are satin, silk, premium satin is not recommended for everyone any disposal action, careful only to wear. If you are working with, the only solution is to use an eraser, but some crumbs. Do not use a brush, but to use the magic wand, air max tr 180 using the electrostatic principle the crumbs away. In addition, the satin shoes not in the Sun will fade. Leather: leather shoes must not wipe the shoe Polish, simply wipe with a dry soft cloth, lightly tap the surface of the shoe, because the effect of patent leather with waterproof, easy to contaminate water stains and other stains, so just gently brushing away the dust on the upper, the shoes will instantly look like new. Hand cream can also be used to clean the class! note that paint is put a light layer on the surface,

Shoe-Shine cloth as soft as possible (such as cloths for polishing the computer screen), or are not careful, you will have scratches. Leather shoes cannot be exposed in the Sun, or prone to yellowing, surface cracking and aging. Patent leather shoes are breathable, easy to breed bacteria, preferably wear the next day. Mirror Sheepskin and sheep skin: the  nike air max 1 most common consists of cowhide and sheepskin, lambskin leather is soft, wear more comfortable, but is really not very good care,Wipe something dirty is hard to figure out. Other materials referred to above, such as Eraser, toothpaste will do. Plastic: If your feet prone to foot sweat, film isn't fit to wear

plastic shoes, canvas or leather are more suitable, because good air permeability. Lots of MM in the rainy day in plastic, so the more easily. Gently scrub with an old toothbrush coated with a small amount of detergent, not hard toothbrush must be worn, brush hair soft or brittle plastic shoes. Then repeated several times after scrubbing the plastic shoes will become renewed, can be restored to its original appearance. Mesh: these shoes can be regarded as "nobility shoes", in addition to gently wipe down with a cloth, only to be so careful when wearing Luo!Summary: in addition to the maintenance of a variety of materials described above cleaning method, I should be careful not to wear the same pair of shoes for a few days, shoes need to breathe air, wear out time after cleaning and shoe, protective bag, put in shoe boxes, so that the program is complete. Second step: before


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