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February 5th, 2015 Comments

logy on the design of fashion

Outdoor products business group has no foothold in the market for several years. The group founded the outdoor products division in 1991, the world's second-largest sporting goods maker in 2005 for its proposed acquisition, but ended in failure. Led outdoor products Division since Reinschmidt, climbed from the departments, sales increased by almost 1 time, appeared technically advanced sneaker and clothing and prices have changed. Reinschmidt said, the adidas Group has the largest sales network. China also came the first adidas brand outdoor products to independent shops. Adidas Originals releases latest OTECH series. vans golf wang  Originals Tech-named OTECH product technology is inspired in appearance look more emphasis on Science and technology on the design of fashionable dress. Series using more lightweight materials

And processing techniques to enhance the light texture of shoes and clothing. Shoes, the structural design of the uppers and outsole ZXZ soles structures, creating a functional-looking lightweight running shoes. Again this time to disclose the DRESS is pretty impressive in the OPENING CEREMONYxADIDAS ORIGINALS series transparent R  vans era UBBER SHOES wellies outward appearance, the pair of loafers shoes, traditional use made of transparent plastic material instead, and can be clearly seen on the insoles Amoeba design details. In fact this transparent design of the earlyIn JS wings shoes series appeared, Edison's early use of Air Max 1 kiss of death with a clear plastic design. Transparent look is kind of unorthodox, free from the normal spirit of a show, but with formal shoe styles, creating a sense of conflict, very special

Don't. This pair of shoes are now available for purchase at end clothing available. But be careful wearing this shoe socks can be chosen. Also, this design is the basic foundation is easy to take the concept, so the color of choice is more low-key and adidas Originals classic black shades of blue as the main design. Yet on the details of design, followed by a similar clover Shamrock logo combination of cutting form and the soles of your shoes reveal a strong smell of the adidas Originals. And this series has been available for sale at the designated shop adidas Originals. Recently made Japan famous Mita sneakers shop jointly with adidas Originals Campus 80s classic shoes finally log home, for all the lovers finally get what they wish, be able to love the shoes in the bag. In fact, apart from jointly to


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