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February 5th, 2015 Comments

part alcohol and 50 parts water into the cleaning solution and wipe

woven straw mat wipe clean, dry. Leather or PUSoles of sandals: nursing with corresponding painted on the leather shoe Polish, vamp with a soft brush to gently brush evenly, and then on the leather with a clean cloth to gently rub back and forth a few times, making the leather more bright, more organic. Oil on canvas Sandals: Although the material is oil on canvas, but does not wash. If there is a slight oil, small amounts of tableware available fruit, wash it with detergent, and rags soaked dry cleaning, will be nike air max classic bw helpful. If after cleaning the phenomenon of sparkling layered on canvas, you can use the hot clothes irons at about 80 degrees, covered with white cloth on vamp, pointed iron 5-10 seconds, which can be restored, repaired, please do not wear, because if the glue curing time of 1 hour or more. Patent leather Sandals material: first with a clean, soft cloth to dust

and stains wipe it again on the upper. Then 2 dishwashing liquid, 1 part alcohol and 50 parts water into the cleaning solution and wipe with a cloth soaked in the upper back and forth, not too hard. The shoes air-dry, then wipe with a soft cloth soaked in the upper again, you can put in a ventilated place to dry naturally. Sequins: bright crumbs on the adhesive at the end of the first paragraph, feels like sandpaper, sequins is the second paragraph, no matter which one, as long as the water is likely to fall, so only  nike air max 90 with a small towel or with a clean, wet with water, dip silky wipe dirty parts of the net a little bit. Second paragraph-do not scrub with cotton, sequins hook will leave lint. With a polyester cloth wipe in a, with a little water can be, but not too much. Suede: leather of this Suede is very troublesome, MMMust consider very carefully before buying, prone to sweating,

rainy days are not fit to wear. If stained with dirt, wipe off the dust on the surface of the shoe with a shoe brush and eraser (specifically are said to clean suede eraser) push gently in all directions evenly to remove dirt, low to moderate and the like in the same direction as much as possible, you can have textured bedding, injury would be reduced, stain resistance will also increase. In addition, the Mall also has purchased special detergents for suede. Canvas: do not use detergent and SOAP, washing powder will fall color, SOAP after washing turn yellow. You can use toothpaste, a toothbrush, the softer the better, wash the toothpaste to gently scrub and scraped the side of wipe off the water, cleaned and stained with water with a paper towel just press the Clean cleaning parts. After brushing not to bask in the sunshine, fade, to be placed in the shade, dry. If the canvas is white, but


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