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March 9th, 2015 Comments

between ordinary fine imitation and high accurate imitation

than shoe-like a piece of it. Most people simply don't see the real need experts to identify particularly good shoe for partial imitation of (mostly older styles, shoe-like technology is very mature, or is the model is relatively common, generic difficult heel), to experts at the expert level to be identified. As far as I know, there are a lot of high accurate imitation of the shoes in the store, or intends to sell high-precision-like walking for more profits or a parts clerk in private with its own highly refined and genuine imitation bait-, to take out the real thing sells, and so on. 4, shoes (A+, or a++) Shoes? Domestic: Nike adidas shoes are not exported, shoes is a shoe?  nike flyknit lunar 2 womens The answer of course is no. Shoes to be blunt like shoes, fake degrees higher. Takakiyo imitation of foreign trade shoes have a lot, many foreigners have bought abroad just as authentic people, but also some degree of simulation

 is not high enough, between ordinary fine imitation and high accurate imitation. Prices of these shoes are much cheaper than genuine, style and quality to meet the needs of many people, although the countries in the world are not allowed to sell fake shoes, but there is a demand there will be a market, a market without someone trying to hack. So, the concept of shoes should be: no Nike, adidas authorized domestic plant, production imitation boots privately, mainly target foreign markets (primarily nike free run in North America, South America, Europe, etc). Exports also has some fine shoe-like, but due to this ordinary-like shoes and carry a high value twice or more times its shipping and no small risk is not worthwhile, so ordinary fine imitation export very little, was sent to "remote" areas. 5, fine imitation (ordinary shoe-like, fine imitation of a cargo) the most common shoe-

like, to seek market through price, similar quality and with the price of second-line brands of shoes, these shoes if the call is genuine, then the average person could tell them. 6, cheaper than fine imitation of shoes cheaper than fine imitation of imitation-like shoes, this shoes and fine imitation is that there's any clear boundaries, but a penny stock, cheap will of course decrease its quality. Many cheap shoes are the shoes. (Of course these places, there are a lot of high imitation of shoes, and some nice, can you pick, or will you fall, it's up to individual judgment. ) Speed skating shoes (SpeeD boot) most of the shoe is made of glass fiber (fiberglass), or carbon (carbon fiber) caused, mainly in order to reduce weight and provide good support (ankle support). In addition to outside support, and the need for flexibility, so the speed of the shoe tube design was the lowest among all


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