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March 9th, 2015 Comments

six years level born of childhood memories in

 new basic paragraph is is use its form, and and pop trend mutual combines, by this created out unique of charm. five, sails shoes to on the world most "long sold" of shoes paragraph, probably non-sails shoes MO is has, tube he complex antique, movement wind, gorgeous wind, heavy metal rock wind how blow, sails shoes is has skill stands not shake,   air jordan 3 retro uk even has always been most about movement technology of NIKE, also had to admitted sails shoes "pop essential products" of status and parameter a feet . First double sails shoes Converse All Star was born Yu first times world war during of 1917, war let livelihood depression, with low cost of canvas and rubber made sails shoes. is said to have how let canvas and rubber perfect bonding, had invention people try had various method are hundred SI shall not its solutions, stretch zhixia put canvas and rubber lost to stove in

not do has, didn't thought heating had let rubber "sulfide" and canvas bonding, this "beautiful of coincidence" created sails shoes became popular near Centennial of miracle. Until 70, 80 generation II times war Hou boom recovery climbed top, various movement events flourish, although now seems wearing no shock absorbers protection of sails shoes  air jordan 1 retro uk play playing basketball is incredible, but in also no what cushion, movement technology of then, symbol United States spirit of NBA basketball field Shang, players all are wear sails shoes, also led pop, let sails shoes almost people feet a double, five, six years level born of childhood memories in, must also ultimately it. are so, 60-80 years generation founded of movement brand, Ultimately all-powerful in the classic shoes sneakers, include CONVERSE,PONY,VANS,Each home different of Logo symbols active Yu sails shoes

very rich changes of expression Shang, in recent years told retro, also let these brand revival or worth continued bullish, in both elements in joined fashion design sense, is most personalized of pop taste, canvas shoes also no longer just "canvas" shoes, horsehair, cortex, suede, cowboy danningbu, Wick velvet, are should for which. six, racing shoes modern to emphasizes professional sex and suitable cut sense, increasingly more of people emphasizes in different of occasions, wearing match different of shoes, On like is basketball field Shang must to wear basketball shoes, tennis Shang certainly is tennis shoes, even has many people is not playing basketball, not playing tennis of, but has a double such professional degrees of shoes, is is everyone will requirements of conditions, on like is no how much people can visiting F1 racing field, personally watch, even is next game, but


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