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March 9th, 2015 Comments

so for will population of psychological needs by created of personality

to, soft late is was design to playing PU site (currently of Volleyball site points cement to, wood and PU site, in cement site shang a met has fell fell, case occurred, situation often than wood and PU site serious, so not for as game site. as wood and PU site is is different, Wood to compared easy due to wet or game Shi player by shed of Khan caused site wet sliding, and PU site although and wood to also has elastic, but PU has sucking earthquake capacity, so international game are mining PU site  nike zoom vapor 9.5 tour uk do game site), regardless of wearing of shoes why, most important is to has a concept, is in indoor playing of shoes can to playing Shi only wear, comes can avoid shoes lane dirty, second can avoid soles stained dust and variable sliding, so will can extended shoes of using life. four, leisure shoes shoes, shoes, Sneakers are not shiny, feet in order to attract people's attention now!

 casual shoes are divided into:"Casual shoes"---than formal shoes to be comfortable to wear, with a standard casual wear is best for; " Outdoor leisure shoes "---hobby nature engage in aquatic, outdoor activities, wear;" Sports shoes "---now sporting brand new retro shoes, jogging shoes, colorful and has nothing to do with professional sports shoes nike mid blazer womens are of this type. So-called "city leisure shoes" is for most city residents in holiday still will left in city in the. many people like in holiday see movie, shopping Shopping, everywhere people see people,, became will unique leisure type State, so for will population of psychological needs by created of personality merchandise, to shoes itself to stressed liberation bondage pressure of free and self-expression! don't thought leisure on can hold to easily, matter of attitude, relative of, since leisure is on himself of a pet, Certainly each

double shoes are to has following 3 big features to said have Shang is qualified of "city leisure shoes", first: to has rigorous of quality representative self of requirements. second: comfortable, health is focus considerations, only enough to real liberation pressure; last: is spirit where, is to has unique design of style! has has this 3 points to real is of is double "enough dazzle" of good shoes! also because in so multiple of conditions Xia, many designer scramble to in this field in seeking breakthrough, many world race in the winning of good shoes, will in " Urban casual shoes "to emerge! think about it, if you put on a pair of shoes in winning a world, just think what a cool thing! Street mainstay of casual, is the adidas SUPER STAR with the FORUM, and the NIKE AIR FOUCE 1 and DUNK.Zhiqian of reprint retro sneakers are is to faithful rendering its original mainly. but now of


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