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March 9th, 2015 Comments

so there are a lot of people will be wearing are not used

skate species. But because the shoe is hard, so there are a lot of people will be wearing are not used, or even sore feet or ground water, this is because the location of each ankle high and low, and bought the shoes caused by very fit. Now most of the speed shoes are "thermoplastic" (heat moldable), then you need to use "air gun" (heat gun) will bake it into their foot. So there is the so-called "irrigation foot model" (custom made) shoes used plaster to make a line with his foot-shaped shoes,  nike free run 5.0 running shoes of course, shoes of the pouring foot model is not fully in line with his foot, there is a need is also required when using a heat gun (or hair dryer) to correct it. Shoe has two or three in front and one at the bottom of a hole, is used to lock the chassis (frame) and adjust the chassis. Shoes (boot) is in four parts over the price of the most expensive, but the price difference is also the largest, from

1,000-10,000 have, in General, 4,000 has been very good, the more expensive the better, of course. Speed shoe chassis frame chassis (frame) is mostly aluminum alloy (aluminum) are made of, and almost always have five wheels to be fitted with a 80mm wheel, so five rounds of 12.8-inch minimum length of the shoe chassis, while 13 inches long,  nike free run 3 womens running shoes 13.5 inches. Used the underframe length and height, habit, personal use and often depending on where, since short underframe structure more flexible and longer chassis will play a larger role if the sliding venue (skateing track) with a shorter block is suitable if roads were used long underframe was better. Chassis is good or bad depends on several factors: 1. chassis structure: good base are going to hard enough, not easily deformed or broken. 2. the weight of the chassis: heavy chassis will be a waste of effort, so on the chassis, you can

 find many loan sharks, it is in order to reduce weight, but of course does not damage the structure of chassis. 3. the base accuracy: location is on wheels to chassis hollow place, if the chassis of their lack of precision can affect the rotation of the wheel. 4.Plating of chassis (finish): is a chassis the outer-most layer plating, plating bad breaks down rust. Above the chassis has two or three lateral holes, this is the place that lock the shoe, can be adjusted according to the individual skating habits around location. Adjust the base position is a very important thing, if there is a suitable location that they could exert more power. General location is in the middle of place, because that's the human center of gravity location. Wheels (wheels) speed shoes of wheels is whole double shoes in the important of a ring, generally wheels Shang except printed Shang factory brand zhiwai, also


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