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December 3rd, 2015 Comments

How common will FUT 16 Draft Tokens be

From the packs I opened on the Beta, which may or may not be a true reflection depending on the weights of said card, you're looking at 1 token every 20-40 packs.

For those that suggest 15k is too expensive, firstly I disagree, and secondly it keeps in line with how EA most expensive common pack works. 300 FIFA Points = 15k Coins = 1 Draft Token.

The reward is ALWAYS 15,000 fifa coins for sale, just for losing (yes, LOSING) the first game. If you even win 1 game, you are making a profit, supposing you were going to use those coins to buy packs anyway.

From the packs you get, there is also a chance to pack a fut draft token, giving you another entry, and another 15k reward minimum.

For me, if you're even semi-decent at FIFA and can get past the first round on a regular basis, you'll be able to use FUTDraft to farm coins, which adds longevity to FIFA, and rewards those who actually play the game, which is something I've been crying out for, for years.

Perhaps it would be worth grinding FUT Draft offline if you were to be given the same or similar rewards as online, especially seeing as the dashboard-no loss glitch will likely still be in the game, it could basically be a guaranteed stackload of stuff for an hour or two of your time + 15k

It's a new mode and it deserves constructive feedback, which this is. I want to be able to play the new mode straight away and not mid October or whenever.

For the people who can't play 10 hours a day (estimated guess to buy fifa ultimate team coins) FUT Draft will be a luxury which will a lot of players wont be able to afford. Especially when you consider regular Fifa with fitness/contracts and the players themselves.

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