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January 18th, 2016 Comments

Balance and Bugfixes of Albion Online

Cursed Staffs
Vile Curse:
Damage Reduced by 7%
Range: 9m -> 8m
Area of Decay:
Tick interval 1s -> 1.5s
Lowered the duration of the sleep by 20%
Made mounted targets immune to the effects of the sleep
Targets become immune to Knockout for 20 seconds after being knocked out.
Fire Staves
Meteor Strike:
Knockback doesn't ignore CC Resist anymore.

Added missing alcohol recipes to high tier alchemist buildings
Fixed the connections for the Siege Camp in "Weedriver" with Albion Online Silver. You can now use it to attack adjacent territories.
Fixed mouse wheel scrolling in alliance menu being reversed
Fixed butcher buildings not being upgradeable beyond T5
Fixed T6 guildhalls not being unlockable on destiny board
Fixed all Level 2/3 weapons not allowing you to use T5+ weapons of the appropriate base type to unlock them
Removed invisible collision prefabs on Guild Island Upgrade 4, so they dont block player movement anymore
Fixed a problem with the market place search field which would cause the client to log out
Fixed the Rejuvenating Mushroom spell on nature staff also healing enemy targets
Fixed an technical issue with island instances not shutting down properly
Fixed a visual issue with projectile orientation
Fixed cast range of Vile Curse (should now be 8m)
Fixed hotkey settings getting lost on restart if you tried to assign a key already in use
Fixed the time for scheduled battles in a territory being displayed incorrectly on world map
Fixed the Healing Beam, it can now be cast by multiple sources on one target.
Stacks of items no longer give PvP kill Fame.


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