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January 21st, 2016 Comments

BM vs Assassin

To fight a sin, don't let them counter your moves. If you see them waving Cheap Blade And Soul Gold their arms in a circle, that's their counter move. Don't attack them with direct attacks while they are, or they'll stealth. Traps work fine, though. If a sin does manage to slip into stealth, don't panic and block immediately. They'll likely end up stunning you with their rmb attack. Instead of blocking, use aoes to try and knock them out of stealth, especially if you're getting hit... They're nearby and will probably be hit. If you can't do that, move forward as soon as they do stealth, as they're likely behind you. Stay on the move until it wears off in 6s or your aoes are available.

Blocking while they aren't stealthed is more likely to work to your advantage, from the way I've played so far. The sin probably needs focus, so will try to build some up with normal attacks, or will hope to get behind you or counter an attack of yours. I don't really know your skills too well yet, but if you've got anything that immobilizes, use it when you can.

I've only hit 32 as a sin so far, so I'm definitely not the font of all knowledge yet. This is what I've seen so far, hope it helps!

Wrote this in another thread guess I'll paste it here too.

Assassin, you can actually see them in stealth (it's kinda a shadowy figure). When I see them moving towards me to open with stun, I SS and start shooting Flickers at them. Often they will come STRAIGHT at you from where you SS'd and you'll hit them with a flicker. Also, if they start throwing daggers at you in stealth you can parry stun them with your block. When you see them wave their hands in a circular motion, DO NOT attack into it because you'll give them free stealth (it's a counter move). When they teleport behind you, you need to RAPIDLY 180 and block. A lot of times you can catch them in a parry stun when they attack into it. When I get flashbanged, I block and turn, SS if it's up, and the MOMENT I see red text from them attacking me I go for a tab (lunar slash) daze. If that doesn't work, you can still see their lifebar so you can turn towards them and block or try another CC.

Like these guys said about not attacking our counter. Try to not constantly swing at us because we'll just go stealth over and over. I've fought so many BMs who do this and become easy fights. Bait it out and be patient. Aoes are our worst enemy so take advantage when we stealth.
As Signe said blocking while we're not in stealth helps you guys a lot in order to get Blade And Soul Gold your stun and go right into a combo.

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