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March 6th, 2016 Comments

cheap cigarettes to another burner. So West Lake of the

Love and Marlboro In fact, love is a very lonely thing, as if caught in the fingers of Marlboro cigarettes, combustion except for a short moment, where it comes from is unknown to the corner. with scientific point of view to look at is the two interact with each other and opposite magnetic field in a moment occurred electromagnetic response, thus stimulating hormone secretion, ultimately leading to the love of two people or a person. And spark of cigarettes, matches or lighters, belong to the realm of science. Only with the chemical Top%20Level%20Marlboro%20Red%20100s%20Ci reaction. Similarly, love and Marlboro cigarettes also have a combustion process, the length of time depends on the good fortune with the idea of the individual. The best way of smoking is slow spit slow absorption, savor. The best way to treat love, also let it be, do not insist. As we all know, everything has started certainly end. Cigarette case, too, the disillusion of love like soot, after all fell to dust, without a trace. At that time, between two people, is nothing but habits and emotions, and even obligations and responsibilities, but has nothing to do with love already. The arrival of love, like cigarettes, are unpredictable. When you from a street vendor stalls, or from the glittering malls, buy a pack of cigarettes, you do not know, which one is your love, or whether there are any of your love. As you walk in the street, or on a warm afternoon reverie, you also do not know whether you lit a cigarette. Love to come without warning. In the absence of premeditated circumstances, you have love, or, you lit a cigarette. Love and Marlboro cigarettes, the same short. The only difference is that you can one after smoking one, it will never be again and again to enjoy the love. Even if you have been practicing a fairy, can live for thousands of years of eternal, really is in your love, only once, only once, you in that only a burning, and then disappearing. Of course, love will not leave the world, but it marlboro lights will leave you back to the eternal loneliness of waiting, waiting for another person cheap cigarettes to another burner. So West Lake of the White Snake, with thousands of years of practice, turned into a called Bai Su Zhen woman, one love, human accomplishment her boundless years, this constancy, alas, poor. Because, Xu Xian is mortal, he will finally get old, Bai Suzhen to thousand years of practice in exchange for, only a short combustion, and since then quiescent lake, clear water and blue sky, night thoughts. Love, no eternal parliament cigarettes life. Therefore in the legend of the Bai Suzhen, "YTDFSGFGCUEYAB" also wrote pagoda down, that is people of white snake cares and mercy, let her forever fixed in the joy of love and daughters. In fact, love a person, really is a very lonely thing, no one will love endless loneliness, so the bottom of my heart, we still love to end this way. Although, in and out of love, always let people have endless miss, but this short, more in line with human nature and needs. We can not imagine a suction Buwan never smoke Marlboro menthol 100s, as a success we can not always warm love, that not only unbelievable, contrary to common sense, the same, also makes people unbearable. So, let love or loneliness on it. In the corner quietly, quietly waiting for the spark of a cluster of polished, in the burning of the moment, it is like clip in your fingers the cigarette.

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