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August 8th, 2016 Comments

Open Beta abut Albion Online

Open Beta doesn't mean free to play at all. It means you're supposed to supply feedback to the devs regarding bugs, and possibly buy the game afterwards.And a lot of dev's usually provide closed and open beta access to people who pre-order games.

Also, I did some digging and the exact quote is Albion will go Free to Play at some point after launch. That'd make it more akin to other MMO's like TERA, Wildstar, Star Trek Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic... all of which you had to Buy Albion Online Gold, pay a sub and then eventually went free. The only difference is Albion is following the Guild Wars logic (which I think is now F2P as well).

But 'Open' generally means, open to everyone, whatever their situation may be. Take Destiny for example, they were in closed beta, then they went to open beta, which nobody had to buy into to join, hence the word 'Open'.I'd like to believe that most people do provide feedback to open beta games, but most people play them as an excuse to play it for free.

I do remember all of the MMO's you have listed have indeed required some sort of paying method, but they were all 'finished', so to speak. They were fully released, with no early access or closed beta still attached to them, making a bit of a difference to Albion Online.

GL selling Open betas. I understand that there are few that will buy into it, majority will just ignore the game and move on. At least SI is trying to make some history here, I will give them that.

In regards to the MMo's you are mentioning, yeah they went into f2p model, because THEY FAILED. No one played those games and they were forced to go into f2p to not shutdown the servers. And no, GW is not F2P. They have a policy that after big expansion release ( like heart of thorns) all previous releases will be free of charge ( so the next expansion that will come out will cause heart of thorns to be free). GW is much different than albion, it's much more story driven ( which is not bad tbh).

Announcing at the start that the game will be B2P and will go F2P eventually is just telling people that SI don't believe in their success, which is bad for the image of the SI and for the game in the end.That makes it Free to Play. You don't have to buy the game. You don't have to pay a sub. You can play the game up to the last expansion for totally free, THEN chose to buy safe albion online silver if you so wish. EQ2 works on the same model.

Definition of Free to Play: "Free-to-play (F2P) refers to video games which give players access to a significant portion of their content without paying. There are several kinds of free-to-play games, but the most common is based on the freemium software model."

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