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August 10th, 2016 Comments

Few Suggestions for Albion Online

Fairly new and have only been playing a few days so forgive me if these things have already been addressed.

Multiple item select - Instead of having to drag every item over one bye one, please make it so we can click multiple by a check box system and drag over to say a salvage vendor or just to discard Albion Online Silver.

Having to drag every item over one by one and hit ok after each one is annoying imo.
- Tablets and other devices besides PC do not have this feature.
Hearth- just like in World of Warcraft - have it so we can set a inn that we can return too. Having to manually run back and fourth takes a long time for the amount of resources and other items needed. Either that or make it so we can auto path
- At least make hearth possible in green zones due to the fact you cant lose items in these zones anyways.
Interactive maps- mini map that we can click on to move to a destination.

Beginning quests- after you get past the tier 1 quests you get a kind of lost in where to go or at least I did. If it was not for which zone to go to for particular resources would be a pain and i probably would of wasted more time than needed running back and fourth looking for them in the wrong places.

Anyways just a few simple improvements I could think of since playing only on a tablet at this point. I don't know if the PC or other versions have any different features or not.

You can sort of speed up your item transfer by shift+clicking the item (this will move the entire stack) and in the case of salvaging will move the item to the salvage/repair/reforge window. You can also salvage multiple items all at the same time, just keep adding them by shift+clicking then click salvage and it will salvage multiple items and varied items (ie they dont all have to be the same). The only place this doesn't work is discarding you have to drag out of your bag and click accept to destroy the item.

The reason there is no hearth is that gear loss is a big part of the game. Hearthing basically removes this mechanic, its not something they will change any time soon as they intend you to have to travel vast distances albion online silver farming. This mechanic is for a few reasons, it keeps the markets quite localised, and it means transporting vast amounts of materials is risky, and this is an intentional mechanic.

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