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August 10th, 2016 Comments

Global Chat about Albion Online

We could have different "options" of "passives" for our backpacks like... Lantern (adds some light), Reinforced (extra weight), Quick Laced (faster harvesting), etc...

Different exotic animals, specialized animals, perhaps "biome buffed" animals... for example, winter wolves, faster and more powerful in the Mountains, weaker outside of them. This would provide interesting choices for guilds that own territory and such.Ability to sit on benches, chairs, the ground... Things like this.

Ok, this one is a bit complicated. I understand why - in terms of gameplay - there's no easy find the best albion online silver store game. It's a game that is all about logistics, transport, etc... Just like EVE Online. There shouldn't be "easy" ways to transport stuff or else all that logistical side of things and PVP and wars would be ruined. However, it makes absolutely NO SENSE to have to travel naked. I mean, inventory... stuff in the backpack... Ok, I understand that. BUT NAKED? This is so stupid, because it completely break the "game" aspect of it - the immersion - and becomes a slave to a system of rules. The gameplay is served above everything, even intuity. This already happens too much in the skill system if you ask me (like requiring bronze to make Iron, or Limestone to make Sandstone and every other tier and resource in the game. It makes NO SENSE - It's a set of rules that is written in stone and gameplay absolutely serves it with no regard for intuitivity or logic. And that kind of sucks. But, anyway, going back to travel... It makes no sense to have to do it naked, so... I see only two options: 1- Equipment should be allowed (what you're wearing), maybe excluding the mount OR 2- the whole system is changed to "magic portals" and a mage says that the portals can only transport organic matter, so nothing else can go true. That way it makes sense, at least.

Global chat is useful for betas and testing but it's kind of... well, I don't think there should be a global chat in the release version. There are many reasons for that: 1- People mostly stay off-topic and it's a huge fest of offense, prejudice, bad jokes, harassment and unhealthy stuff overall. 2- People end up using it for other purposes like asking for help, looking for group and trade, things that have their own channels and end up being toxic, useless and confusing (even more since they are all white. PLEASE, allow us to customize channel colors). 3- It's a huge mix of languages and full of useless Albion Online Silver crowding your chat, like people looking for in Queensmarket while you live in Kingsmarket (for example). 4- People have been using it to "tell the world" where they are seeing movement in PVP areas, guild caravans, etc... Which is just kiddy behaviour. Anyway, point is... A Global chat goes exactly against a lot of the local, presential aspect of the game. Everything has to be moved and all that, everything is so "real" and palpable and then we have this magical, world-wide chat full of rubbish. My suggestion is: Just local chats, regional trade chats (can be heard on all the maps around your map) and regional help chats. And maybe a Noob Help Global chat that IS ONLY AVAILABLE until you get to Journeyman adventurer or something like that.

An "Assets" window would be cool, allowing us to see where do we have stuff stored (and maybe even what).

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