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August 11th, 2016 Comments

Albion Online: Fair and reasonable observations

Here's what gets me though... I disagree that the LP system is working. Yes, at some point it puts the brakes on folks that have out-progressed their peers, but few will ever truly catch up Albion Online Silver, particularly if they have used their LP on crafting, gathering, etc. They will just be perpetually behind. The LP system is clearly and anti-fun mechanic. People who play a lot don't like it because it is an artificial barrier to their progress and people who are casual don't like it because it also limits what they can do and doesn't effectively keep the playing field level.

I don't think there is a major change to the game to remove or radically adjust the LP system. It seems to me that all they really need to do is remove the PvE grind required by the high fame threshholds for gear (that are also anti-fun). They could also push up the fame requirements on gathering, refining and crafting since they are much less time intensive atm. Just let folks with Premium status use the lower fame values on gear advancement and folks without it get stuck with the higher ones. At the same time add a means of gaining significant fame via PvP from a random arena, or a GvG simulator or some simple thing that could be thrown in to an NPC in town and you would have a game where the anti-fun LP system is gone, everyone gets to do what they think is fun for advancement.

They are definitely aware and working on it (they have commented to Buy Albion Online Gold as much), hopefully they consider discussions like ours from both sides and can find a way to make the game better for everyone, not just the HC crowd and not just the casuals. It really seems like this will be a game that needs to have both.
can you seriously expect to keep up with someone who plays 12 hours a day while u play 2 hours a day? Its not fun to grind 12 hours a day and people who do it should get rewarded by it.

im a casual too, but only cause I have limited time to play per day, I cant even log in every day yet im not too far behind from hardcore players. What do I do to keep up? I just focus on one thing. If I want to pvp I wont waste time gathering and crafting and will only pve for silver so I can buy gear and then pvp. Joining an organized guild helps too.

I dont think that expecting people like us to keep up with hardcore players is realistic.

This is why making casuals relevant in the game is a must and turn this game to a more skill based approach cause Albion Online Silver right now if I'm 2 tiers behind no matter how good someone plays the guy 2 tiers ahead will win unless he gets disconnected or his mom turns his internet off.

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