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August 15th, 2016 Comments

Albion Online: The only thing that pushes price up is activities

The RMT people don't just hoard the gold. They sell it to players. Which again reduces the silver price on gold, since the players that buy from RMT won't need to purchase gold ingame.If RMT buys 2500 gold and sells it to me for 8$, it doesn't affect the market as much as you think. Most of the RMT-bought Albion Online Gold will just remain in circulation.You invented a black hole and put a lot of gold and silver into it. In reality, the gold and silver that you put into the black hole, is still circulated in the economy.

Again, give examples. Your theory never proved to be a problem in other games that have the exact same system.The only really big problem is the "is the game worth my 12$ per month"-question. I've seen shittier games than Albion enjoy more success. So I'm not too concerned. I think they absolutely need to look at lowering the dollar-cost of premium in the game. $5 per month is attractive to far more than (12/5=) 2.4 times the quantity of people willing to subscribe.I don't see how this equates to anything less than a win for the developers, as under the current model, casual players are 95% likely to play for their 30 free days and then choose to not continue subscribing once they realize the subscription-level nature of progress. $5 is far more palatable for everyone.

The only thing that pushes price up is activities that either:
A) Remove gold from circulation. Hoarding and paying for premium are probably the only relevant examples here.
B) Prevents new gold from being created and entering circulation. When players Buy Albion Online Silver from RMT, they don't create new gold. This obviously puts less gold into circulation, which is the way that RMT affects gold prices.

RMT does drive prices up. But not nearly as much as you think it will. Focusing on the RMT aspect as much as a you guys do is a waste of your time.
I would rather focus on the "game isn't worth 12$ per month"-problem. I live in a rich part of the world. Cant even get a cup of coffee for 12$. So its not my problem. And I talked with plenty of casual players who just bought Albion Online Items of gold because they didnt give any *****. But I would focus on the 12$ thing if I were you.

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