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August 15th, 2016 Comments

Give some automatic restrictions in Albion

It would give cities their own personal character if players who rent plots and build their facilities on them could attach customisable signboard - made with many types of different looking materials and customisable text as Cheap Albion Online Silver. Also each building could have 1-3 attachment anchors to choose from.

Signboards would also add another materials sink and open up a way for crafters to specialise in new branch.

It would be harder to get lost in the city without navigating map, cause buildings would differentiate from each other. So you would walk next to a butcher with a signboard attached to his building "Matt's Hell Ribs", "5 Silver Delight", "I like Carrot Soup" or "Old Troll's Forge" or other kinds of "Slightly Awkward" facilities with their own name, visual accent - own character.

To prevent obscenic signboards there could be a comfy way of reporting rules violation and threat of penalty. Automatic hiding of multiple times reported signboards etc.

Yeah its always a possiblity - so are guild names etc. If penalty would be harsh enough, and comfy ways of reporting and automatic hiding (untill-checked by gm) of abuses with enough reports, there woudlnt be a lot of those AO Silver. And you coudlnt change the name unless you craft/buy new signboard - which woudlnt be cheap. And there would be some cooldown to how often you can swap signboards.


1. someone write weird stuff on their signboard
2. it gets 50 reports in some non-long time period, and is autohidden and in "to verify" queue for game master. (no threat of gm being flooded with such reports cause plots wont change owners in cities that often, and not everyone would write such thing knowing the rules and penalties)
3. game master verifies if its against the rules and approve it (noone can report it again) or remove it and put penalty on the author - be it loss of credits with a warning, suspension or ban.

Also i would give some automatic restrictions (like no non-standard signs, no ASCII, no vulgar words filter best albion online silver store) - that would make GM's easy work on this one, even easier.

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