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TamamShamoon's Blog

August 17th, 2016 Comments

Core issue you need solved in Albion

To make this work without fast travel the game needs some elements to make different locations unique in order to make people going around more, not just to check albion online gold market.

- local biomes with special produce, this could include also special veggies or animals that can be produce on islands located in specific biomes (raise white tigers in the snow based biome with high speed on snow, or standard tigers with benefits running on plains, desert and so on...
- local exclusive raw materials that are needed to craft specific set of armor/weapons with specific attributes/skills
- different type of buildings craftable within the island that are specific in that biome
- high rate drop of certain blueprints in specific areas
- distribute better area colors within biomes, each biomes should have a set of colors, some will have only green and yellow, others all colors, others only red and black.
- anything that makes each biome unique not only visually and stimulate strategic approach on how to approach the economic side of the game.

Present to me which core issue you need solved, and I will find a way to solve them more elegantly than the current fast travel.

I propose the following changes:
1) Add a new item to the game: a lockable chest/crate. The player that locks the chest gets a key that can unlock it, that has very Cheap Albion Online Silver and weight. The chest/crate cannot be opened without the key, and if the carrier of it dies (red/black zone PvP) then the crate breaks and the content trashes like it normally would. Only the keyholder can see the content, but anyone that holds the crate can see it's weight.
2) Add a player-driven quest system, with technical conditions such as "Give to X at Y", where X is a player name and Y is a map name. Add a billboard or repurpose the current fast-travel caravan NPC to open the UI and issue quests.

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