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August 21st, 2016 Comments

Albion Online: It seem a little extreme to me

A 9 month period of beta testing does seem a little extreme to me, but maybe that isn't the case for others. If it was a 4 month or 5 month period that would be awesome. That being said, I still have Albion Online Silver for this game but just going to put this game down for now. Maybe others should also if they don't like the extended beta period. Hey, it might work in our favor lol. The changes made already seem pretty great! Keep up the great work SBI!

U developers are truly naive. I've seen many games that died on overlonged beta. This would be totally another case,what a pitty. Like no f2p mode,oke,but why should i pay 30 euros to get into bugged game which content will be wiped before launching? Guyz u should like srsly come from your own albion online gold market to reality. With the launch date 1. august it's dead game....Like wtf,u launching the game from alpha to launch like 2 years....Guyz this is totally too damn slow...we didn't even wainted for that long on SWTOR and that's mainstream game with huge player base. This is much smaller project,so u should like enlighten from other games....But at this time u doing it totally wrong.

Would be cool if we could get some details on this when you guys get some time. The HUD needs a ton of work and it would be nice to see what you have planned so we can toss you some input on it. I know scaling is a huge thing for me. Some PC graphical improvements might be asking a bit much but i'd like to see that too.
Sounds good to me! I have no problem with an extended CBT. Currently this game is neither good or bad, so any attempt to make significant changes is great. Plus I have so many other games I need to play in 2016 before I get serious about AO.

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