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August 25th, 2016 Comments

Make Albion Great Again

Remove time zones: you are free to choose to live anywhere in the huge Albion world, Sandbox is freedom, International guilds have no future anymore in this game, currently we have 3 clustered NA, EU and OCE servers linked to each others

Remove execute in the outlands: you shall execute only in the royal islands; the outlands are the wastelands, no rules, no reputation, only blood, or you know how to Buy Albion Online Gold, what is the percentage of players who knocked down a player without executing him ? if it is more than 1% then you can keep this system in the red zones, I'm sure every knocked down player is executed at once, not by someone but by a horde spamming space bar button

Add GVG to red and yellow zones: for non zerg guilds, GVG lovers without top tier gear will have a chance to enjoy the Albion GVG system, the current GVG is only for guilds with huge resources aka Zerg guilds , you want to let everyone enjoy the game or just the Big guilds ? (attract more LOL / dota players that want to enjoy the GVG without having a top gear), Albion is a niche game for 7000 hardcore and semi-hardcore players or a massive game for more than 70k players ?

Remove Transmutator: FIXED? "instead of costing Albion Online Silver, it will allow you to turn X of the previous tier resources into 1 higher tier resources" and remove completely the current Transmutation using silver system P2W

LP should be shared between same account characters: Crafters specialists main characters will shine, every player have an alt to craft his gear to t6, there is no known crafters in game, just a guild crafter or alt crafter (if you want to have an alt crafter, buy a new account)

Smart way to balance weapons and skills: Investigate the most and least popular weapons and gear used by players
For example the Quarterstaff tree VS Sword tree
Focus on the weapons and gear that most people are using (like the meditation for example, used by tanks, bruisers, DPS ranged, all builds except cloth with ice block), and analyze it via a new panel of selected players with the coordination of SBI team,
And also focus on the least used weapons: Quarterstaff, Daggers etc.

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