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August 30th, 2016 Comments

Albion Online: Make crafting specialisations

Crafting for me in Albion is far too generic "cookie cutter" everyone can make the same base items - which is fine, but what is the point of being a crafter if you can not make unique, or rare items?

Lets make it interesting, add some depth to the mechanic of crafting by adding some specialisations.

At the moment anyone can have access to the base item "recipes" or "blueprints" if you prefer you just need to have enough fame to be able to unlock it.
To be honest, its not particularly hard to do other than a massive grind of materials at certain points, but LPs sunk into crafting goes a very long way.
There really is no need for this to get albion online gold for sale , guilds need to equip their gvg teams in pvp gear and this is your mass production unit.

My idea is to have additional crafting lines that specialise.
It could be done so that only one "master crafting" line could be followed, it locks others out when you start down one line.

For all of the master crafting specialties *tier still applies eg. t5 bear has a chance to drop t5 bones which are used to forge t5 runes*
No LP can be used to advanced the master crafting lines.
Fame can only be gained by crafting the base materials for each specific line and then applying it to an object.
rarer materials *ie 0.2, 0.3 etc.* each give additional percentage buffs to the base bonus given by each different type of master crafting.
each requisite object required to infuse the final item is consumed during the creation process.

Only the "master crafter" has enough skill to infuse his particular magic into the item during its creation, therefore the master crafter must be a master of both his line of specialisation AND be able to craft the base Albion Online Items of the appropriate tier.

The "Master Crafting" lines could be something like:

requires animal bones of appropriate tier + a potion of appropriate tier
rune forger crafts his runes at the transmutator
the runes are then forged into weapons and armor and objects (bags, tools etc)

requires metal of appropriate tier + magic ink (magic ink to be crafted by Alchemist)
the inscriber crafts magical stylus' at the mage tower
the stylus' are then used to inscribe on the object (ie weapon, armor, bags etc.)

requires gems + inlay fitting (inlay fitting to be crafted by tool makers)
The inlayer crafts his inlays at the tool maker
the inlay is then set into a weapon, armor etc. etc.

requires feathers + a leather parchment (made at the leather processor)
the enchanter writes his enchantment on a scroll which is then used to enchant the item during creation

I don't have all the details fleshed out but each different line should bring something different
rune forger for example may give some kind of proc-effect like a frost snare,AO Silver or a healing strike etc.
some of the bonuses could be entirely utility like increased carry weight, increased riding speed etc.
the options of the bonuses are kind of unlimited and the combinations of materials required and how many would need to be balanced.

Becoming a master crafter in any line should take time, and be costly and objects bearing master crafter status should be special and sought after and rare to some degree

constructive criticism and feedback/enhancement please.

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