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October 28th, 2016 Comments

Trove: the game is to much repetitive

Most of the games go downhill after launch.The problem is they need to make things that brings new people.But a block game mmo may look good, but all the grind / rng will scare people away.

The game is to much repetitive.You cant do stances to level-up with a dungeon finder like on other mmos, you need to search for a group on a chat ,that is something like an mmo from 2002 or so.You cant even use a fly mode on clubs to construct something and placing blocks on some places are hard.New players suffer a lot from to many things:

Their pr is not enough to do the things people are usually doing, It takes far to long to get the first lvl 30 on a fresh account.Mastery looks like a shore past 50 or so.A new player needs a month or two to get the first dragon since it will need to unlock challenges and Trove Flux for sale, and on most cases he will only do the first two tiers and relly on rng for coins.

I have some suggestions to try and save trove bringing at least some new players to it but i am not sure if that would be fair with the new people that started this month or the old players but i guess i will make the topic anyway.

I've actually liked the direction the game has taken as of late with things like addition of a world bosses, balancing the Trove Flux, storage clubs, better loot collector, and with things like the diamond dragon egg shards there have been some pretty nice updates that I think have at least started to address some long standing issues. I also liked the influx of halloween mounts but that might just be me

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