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November 4th, 2016 Comments

The club Dungeons of Trove

This was sort of suggested already, but: Club Dungeons. They would be created like club arenas. There should be of course some limitations, like maximum number of enemies etc. so people don't farm in their clubs.

You could get normal loot from the dungeon and even set the uber level of the dungeon (higher levels = higher cost of dungeon tool). However, to get the loot you need to "activate" the dungeon. Each member (officer?) of the club can activate the dungeon only once a day to buy Trove Flux. You can open the dungeon normally, but you don't get the loot (or it's very minor?)
Maybe there could be also some unique materials from the dungeons, like special Club Shards, that are used for crafting.

I was going to make a topic about this, but I hope it's appropriate to post the idea here.

Secondly, the matter that was mentioned post above, which I also posted in now-nonexistent topic about googletranslate griefing.
Basically, the Founder rank, but with more clear rules than said above:
-Person who creates the club is the Founder.
-There can be only one founder in the club about the Cheap Trove Flux. He is practically a club god, and he cannot demote himself and no one can demote him.
-Founder can lose his rank in two ways: leaving the club or being inactive for too long (90 days?). ->When he leaves, it's clear he does not care about the club anymore (sort of).
->When he is inactive for too long, it might be possible that he won't log in anymore, so it's to not leave a club in situation practically without a Founder. This doesn't work when Founder is the only member of the club.
-When there's no Founder (see above), new Founder is choosen automatically from highest-ranked and longest-staying members. Alternatively, there could be a vote.

That's my two suggestions for now.

Modular mob spawners, possibly biome-specific with it's spawning, with the ability to have certain mobs spawn at certain intervals in certain places and have them either be a normal monster, a lair boss or a dungeon boss, it would allow players to make club based dungeons.

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