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November 8th, 2016 Comments

Trove: rename Health regeneration into survivability

Then why dont we actually put the work into reworking the stat so it prevents that from actually happening?

here is another approach: rename Health regeneration into survivability, and add a secondary effect to its value:

Each point slightly increases the amount of time you are invulnerable while in a pinch(less than 10% hp or 1hp forgiveness). The duration adds on TOP of your basic 1hp forgiveness timer with an basically infinite HP shield.

The length of the invincibility is defined by 1/10000 sec per point. which means applying 10k survivability, or we just divide the cheapest trove flux with number by 10 to make it more reasonable. gives you a 1s long shield that works like unyielding or cubic curtain.

Once your invincibility has trigered and its duration is over, you have a 10 second cooldown before it can activate again, so you have a window where you actually can be killed, unless you add in the function of flasks like DD.

We can fiddle around with the number of course if its too much invincibility. we cound make it into every 50k Sruvivability, so you dont end up with 50 seconds of invincibility if you go full ham on HR.

How does that sound? too much? as useless as current HR?

I dont find your opinion bad, I did read it, in fact, it is indeed a good way to balance the game without ever needing any HR, but like the devs already stated, they will and won't remove HR as a stat currently. I dont know why (and i also do indeed get pissed on HR when i build dps) So i wanted to implement an option that keeps the HR inside. heck, i dont mind it if both HR and your flask idea gets added.

Edit: I noticed that if they do increase the stats again, survivability would become WAY too strong late-game with the way the game grows exponentially in numbers. I will try to make an exponentially inverted formular once im off from work programming.

I'm sure that's what hindering the Devs from implementing a rework of HR into the game. They're trying to calculate and correct the value of HR stat to be perfect, but it's pretty hard. If they were to Buy Trove Flux just give it a slight boost, HR would still be as useless as now. But if it is given too much of a buff... (^^^ What I said.)
This is another solution to overwrite the current problem. Didn't mean to go too defensive over there, but I'm okay with disagreements and stuff. I was just trying to give a brief explanation about those previous points I brought up, but I wrote too much of a text lol.

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