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November 15th, 2016 Comments

Trove: It went up with all the weekly bonuses that have been done

It's not just patron, every single item for credits has gone up. Most likely both due, to low supply of players buying stuff for credits and inflation of  Trove Flux. If you watch the market closely you will see this. Also patron has been way lower credit to flux ratio in comparison to gdc/mystery boxes so why should anyone buy them to sell for flux?

That's the thing though. It went up with all the weekly bonuses that have been done and as far as I've seen has yet to fall. I don't think it's helping Trion much either because there's so few pages of them on the market. There used to be more. That could be because people are buying them for the upcoming week but still.

Patron ranged from 200k - 300k+ in the past few months so it did cover the cost . And not to mention all the flux one would gain from other sources during one month . Chaos Chests ranged from 1500-2150 flux too . Selling chaos chests to buy patron was achievable 90% of the times depending on the factors .

They aren't going to fix the flux bought passes simply because, first of all, it's a player controlled market. It's not up to them what prices are. Secondly, again, you should actually support the game instead of spending a fortune on it. I don't really know what to tell you other than to just buy it yourself.

At end game it almost is. Here's why: Cubits are even more needed now because they're required to unsocket gems. Double Gem Boxes and Karma. Since most of end game is grinding these boxes not having Patron puts you at a HUUUGE disadvantage. Also the devs do monitor market prices and adds things to Chaos Chest to balance them out. Apparently they never did this with Patron Passes even though I could've sworn they did. Like I said earlier I have no issues with supporting the game I have in the past and even more recently with buying Dino Tamer. I'm not complaining for the Cheap Trove Flux with myself I'm complaining for other people. Not everyone can shell out $15 a month for a game. The only item in the game you cannot get through normal means is the Wings of Unexpected Ascension. You can earn packs codes too. Since apparently devs never put them in CC like I thought I have no suggestion to fix it.

Also patron not being able to cover its own cost? This is not true either depending on how you approach things, if you are lucky and somewhat dedicated with high magic find (This mainly includes having most of the dragons and magic find gear so between 1500-2000 mf) it is a breeze to recover the 500k flux it takes to buy one from grinding in a day.

But that's assuming you have high magic find. People at end game do not need to worry about the price rise. It's middle game players that do. I consider it a necessity since not having it means your progress is slowed massively because of the gem boxes.

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