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November 25th, 2016 Comments

That was the initial reason why i started playing Trove

I used to play trove because I enjoy grinding an building. I barely play any more though. I don't enjoy grinding for a chance at progressing. Flux is harder to make now... A shadow level 1 5 star costs 500 to upgrade to a shadow level 2... and twice forge sells for 40 flux. It's a joke. Shouldn't cost as much to upgrade the shadow items as it did before. Basically making lvling the shadow items not an option. Time locking emp boxes is another reason i have slowed my playing down. Also Overwatch.

I had depression too . One that makes you fail to see even the smallest dot of light in your entire life and destroy everything you ever aspired/had/wanted to achieve . One that has both mind and physical symptoms on unbearable levels along with anxiety . But I defeated it in the end . And now I feel more alive than ever before . Why did I say easily beaten ? If someone is having problems with depression , no matter what , only inspire them to fight and leave the war details behind to buy troveĀ items and be picked up along the way . It's different for everyone . But generally , depression is highly treatable illness .

That was the initial reason why i started playing Trove. What kept me playing is really something special that you completely cannot find in any other games no matter how high they score in ratings. Through this game, I've met some people that made me want to log in and play around with. These people made me want to help make their experience as fun as possible, reaching new heights, which then led me to the building aspect of this game. Building really did allow me to create my sort of utopia for myself and the people around me. Through clubs, I was able to uniquely interact with other players through events and contests. Along with that, i was equipped with the drive to improve my way of building club worlds.

Firstly, my friend invited me to play that and reffered me that it was similar to minecraft, but with a better combat game. It was a year ago, I forgot when though. It used to be very fun, and now it's all about profit. (As Mockrin said).

I started playing quite long time ago, when MR 30 go to challenge and get that Neon Dragon. It was aswesome back then. We, my first close friend in game, Mepop, have a dream: Get awesome stuff, The neon Nightsky. It was fun back then, when I play and study for trove, putting my heart in the game. Made more friends in game, help out some, enjoy myself. However at sometime I asked myself what am I doing? Why am I progress quite slow.... (back then when I got my first MR 20 Wings I was hype as *) But I play for the fun in game, with the community here.

Then, some good old friend stopped playing...our club is empty. I was still hoping to see Mepop someday to show him my Nightsky....Never got the chance. PvP came out, love the Cheap Trove Flux, it's friendly but going against players, real people with strategies (orsoIthink) , which I love. Progessing...

Time pass, people come and leave, I stop doing what I used to do. Close people to me started to disappear. I go on hide mode, solo. DHacker,Azu,Mep....there wasn't anything else to do. I still try to stick to the game, only because I am somewhat a content creator in pvp asspect. However after a patch, I crash every 5 mins, with Task manager prio changed to "High" still crash in 10mins. So, I can't progress nor enjoy myself. I retire.

i started playing because my niece & nephew watch youtubers CONSTANTLY and one day trove came up in a letsplay video. the animations/effects sparked my interest pretty hard - you don't often see voxel games with such fluid animation. freakin expert squash & stretch application.

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