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December 6th, 2016 Comments

POE: upgrading specific essences as wanted would be a great function

Looks beautiful, from a usability point of view I (understand) but also wonder why all of the essences I would actually want to craft with repeatedly are on the outside edge of the window away from where the crafting box is.

Maybe add a row or a few more slots where any currency AND essence can be put. Sometimes I want to craft an item but still need some more resources or to check what stats I should be aiming for or for any other reason. It would be nice to be able to leave an item (which has a slot) as well as some currency in the essence tab.

A single type of essence is always identical to another one of the same essence. A tier 6 map of the same type can be different from another tier 6 map of the same type (mods, rarity). Maps are impossible to stack because of this.

I am always baffled how people say this with such negative connotations like GGG wanting to make profits to pay their staff through the Path of Exile Items and improve the game is something to be ashamed of. Feel free to not buy it seeing as it's entirely optional.

"Upgrade all" sounds great. I also think upgrading specific essences as wanted would be a great function. I don't know how to implement that though. Maybe something like micro transactions - select "upgrade" button and then click every essence you want to upgrade until you right click off-screen when you're done, something like that.

Since there are 5 Spare Slots in the Currency Stash Tab I see no reason why not to include the same amount here, it's a crafting Tab after all. I'd keep a stack of Whetstones, Scraps, Scours, Exalts and Vaals each in there for example. Also it fit's nicer with the spacial distribution.

Also as a suggestion, even though many others have already mentioned it. Could we reverse the order of ess. So they scale from the lowest to the highest, instead of the highest to the lowest since the item box is centred in the middle, just helps reduce that extra distance when trying to roll an item for x hours.

However I would leave a tniy bit of space after the normal essences, then group the "corrupted essences" 2x2, leave a little bit of space, then have the essence of corruption by itself at the very bottom.

any possibility of having a currency slot for Perandus coins? of course one thats larger then 5000 coins by the Path of Exile ORBS For Sale because i dislike having to have 100's of stacks of coins just trying to wait for a headhunter trade from cardio. i doubt this will be noticed but its a minor annoyance.

I think it sucks that poe sells itself as free to play, however more and more content is added that requires you to purchase stuff. essences occupied an entire stash tab for me this last league. While I have purchased stash tabs myself and it's not such a big deal for me, I feel that, with new content being added constantly, it's not really feasable for anyone to play at a decent level without having to purchase stash space. just my 2 cents.

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