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February 22nd, 2017 Comments

Clarification on Reviews about

As is known to us all, has 4 years' experience and high reputation of offering services. However, there were masses of negative posts about us in a very short time recently on different reviews sites. has delivered millions of Albion Online Gold and Albion Online Silver orders and refunded slight amounts of orders which we cannot deliverin time or due to other reasons, so we have obtained large numbers of good reviews from clients around the world. We never kept customer's money but without delivery as other scam sites have been doing to customer. The issues on the recent negative posts never happened, and will never happen in the future. Any scam action is prohibited in

We are always honest to our customer, and dedicated to offer 100% satisfaction to all clients. Our honest, friendly and fast services have been attracting vast customers, so more and more buyers became our loyal customers after experienced our services.

Our business volume has been increasing at a steady step because of customer's trust and support. Since our business influences our competitors, one of them who is immoral was spreading rumors about us, left fake bad reviews on many reviews sites, intended to puzzle consumer and give us deathblow.

Although those negative posts are totally fake and utterly irresponsible, the bad effect on us should not be overlooked. We have reported those reviews to customer services on the different sites, and they are in the progress of investigating those reviews, some posts have been deleted already by administrators. Here we greatly appreciate what they did for us. Through the union actions of us and administrators of the reviews sites, we have stopped the situation of leaving negative reviews.

But we cannot make sure that shameless competitors will not use other unimaginable ways to denigrate our good reputation. Actually we have found out who is behind the scenes and what their motives are. We do suggest that you should stop to waste your time on ignorant actions, but to do something good for customers. What competitors did to us only encourages us to do better. can stand the test of time.

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