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June 24th, 2017 Comments

College homework peculiarities

Homework is a serious task. It so happens that the student are engaged in no less degree than adults.

Our task is to make the child is working properly without causing harm to health, because Training - is the main work of the student.

If we think about how to organize training activities at home, note that this problem has two objectives.

On the one hand you need to help your child find the right mode, select a place to study, to determine the best order of the lessons.

Tips of psychologists:

1. Independence. The child should be doing homework - himself. Parents can play a role of escort, ready to respond and explain unclear point. Do not stand or sit next to a child constantly when he was doing his homework. Schoolboy must feel their independence. Too much closeness helps to ensure that a child presents himself stupider than he actually is.

2. The ideal time. For homework, it is better not to choose the time after school or a meal together, position the child for lessons no later than 18 hours. First graders should not hold jobs for more than 30 minutes in the 2-4 class, this time is no more than an hour, high school students - no more than 90 minutes.

3. Workplace. Lessons should not be at the dinner table. The ideal would be to equip the special table

(desk) for the student, where he will have the opportunity to engage, to store books and he put things in order there.

4. Atmosphere. To my eyes are not tired, you need to ensure proper coverage. For a right-handed child put a table lamp on the left. At the first sign of fatigue, always take a break. Shouts working television, playing alongside kids only negatively affect concentration. Try to protect the student from such distractions.

5. Promotion and punishment. Do not use love as a way to reward for academic excellence. The child will think that he is loved only when it brings good grades. Try all the successes and failures of the child does not take too much to heart. It's all the same success (failure) of your child, not your own.

It is a mistake on the part of parents will categorically suggest or correct written by a child. The words "this is wrong" should not fly with your lips. It is better to use the phrase this is not entirely true, think about

it yet. This letter (word) is written differently, etc. If the child did not find the right solutions, give him the opportunity to sometimes ask the teacher.

6. The habit - man's best friend. Try to make the first days of lessons at the same time. So soon homework to turn in the same daily habit, like brushing your teeth or wash your hands before eating.

And finally, remember yourself as a child! Nothing changed. Little People, "gnawing granite science" still

need a strong rear in the form of a loving and understanding parent, rather than a punitive finger for another

deuce or bad behavior.

About the Author: Anna Moker is a student. She is interested in theatre and works as a writer at

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