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September 12th, 2017 Comments

The 10 Most Popular Online Purchases of 2017


Oh, the great world wide web has given us many gifts from search engines that will tell us if bees have knees, to videos of cats riding skateboards. So it’s no wonder that we do all our shopping online, much to the consternation of Grandmas everywhere. You can get anything online and here is the list of the 10 most popular purchases to prove it.

1. Coconut Oil

The use of natural and organic products has moved steadily from the trendy category into the mainstream category. Coconut oil is used in a myriad of ways from moisturizer and lip balm, to cooking and even treating bug bites! You can’t beat a product that you can use in every room of your house.

2. Phone Power Banks

Is there any doubt that a device that gives us extra phone power would be on the list? Between keeping up with social media and catching little creatures in our favorite game, we hardly ever put our phones down! A phone power bank can charge your phone to a full battery in little time.

3. Drones

Of course, drones are coming in on the top 10! Why wouldn’t they? Their uses are endless and they are just so much darn fun. People are using drones for aerial photography, surveillance and to even spy on their neighbors. The next time you’re looking to see what’s going on in your neighbor's backyard grab your drone and check it out.

4. E-Cigarettes

The trend of “everything electronic” is booming, and nowhere more so than in the world of e-cigarettes. Getting your vapor e cigarette starter kit online allows you to bypass the counter and upsells and get exactly what you want at the best price. E-cigarettes are rapidly taking the place of traditional cigarettes and aren’t likely to drop out of popularity any time soon.

5. Smart/Fit Watches

What more could a society obsessed with everything online want than a watch that connects to their phone? It tracks your activity level and even lets you check your favorite social media accounts! Given our need to be connected at all times, it’s no wonder these watches are selling out online as fast as they can be made.

6. Leggings

As if you weren’t confused enough about the world we live in, leggings are topping the “most sold online” charts. Society is moving towards the world of comfort and even turning comfy clothes into a fashion movement. Where yoga pants and spandex leggings used to be for yoga and working out only, they are now the go to clothing item for a wine night and Netflix marathon.

7. Baby Stuff

Baby stuff galore can be found online, and with the significant investment, most new parents face it adds up that they’d try to find things as cheaply as possible. From brand name items shipped directly to your home to consignment web sites that let you stock up for half the price, online baby shopping is every new mom's dream.

8. Matcha Powder

Matcha powder is a fine powder made from green tea. Used in smoothies, homemade ice cream, and even oatmeal, matcha powder is a health food powerhouse that is making a huge impact through online sales.

9. Waterproof Phone Cases

Waterproof phone cases are probably one of the least shocking items on this top 10 list. We are a society in love with our smart phones. We take care of the things we love which mean protecting them at all cost. Hence the explosion of online waterproof phone case sales.

10. Wooden Sunglasses

Everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses and what better way to stay true to your natural materials convictions than with a pair of wooden sunglasses? This trendy online product doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Online commerce is where it’s at and there’s no sign of it slowing down. So the next time your Grandma frowns at your online shopping, set her up online and show her what she’s missing!

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