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September 28th, 2017 Comments

NBA 2K18 Released On iOS

The Basketball Series will return to iOS this year, with enhanced gameplay and varied music.


For PCs, PlayStation 4 and 3, and for Xbox One and 360, the NBA 2K18, the current episode of the 2K Games basketball series, has been available for several days now. The previous episodes of the game are now ready for the two leading mobile platforms, but this year they only came to iOS. In exchange, we get an enhanced MyCareer game that promises more meaningful stories and more interactions. As a new form of play, the association mode debut in which we can shape the future of the series for several seasons and become the next NBA Dynasty leader. In addition to this, a set of carefully selected music is played in the game, but the makers have also sifted in control. The NBA 2K18 is available in the App Store.

The PC and console version of the game did not have any unbelievable success among fans, many of whom feel that they are dealing with a disgusting pull. They say that the game has hardly changed anything compared to last year's or previous episodes, so they are hardly getting something new compared to the fairly large price tag. This is well reflected by the scores given by the players who are not thankful to the points given by the critics...

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