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October 24th, 2017 Comments

How To Solve Download Problems For Kindle Content On Android Device?

Many users are unable to download the Kindle content on their Android devices or fail to view the listing of sent books for Android app. So to solve this problem here, we have few help steps to guide you in addressing the issue.


There may be several reasons for a user to be unable to view the titles sent to Android app from their registered Android device. So here we will discuss all the possible issues that lead to this problem. For fixing this issue with your Kindle just go through the following Kindle Help steps.

  1. Check whether that Android device is connected to the internet network or not : You can check it from the bar lines for internet network that may be present on the top menu of your Android device. If there is not even a single bar, it means you are not connected to an internet network. So try to log in to the Internet network by using your Login credentials. If there is a one or two bar, then it means the signal strength is weak, so in this case try to disconnect from the internet network and then connect to it back again. It might boost the speed of your internet connection. In case there are full network bars, and you are still not able to download or view the Kindle content then, it's not the issue with your internet network, and you need to go through the other help procedures listed below.
  2. Look if you have enabled the sync option : If you have not synced your device then try to sync it to be able to download the Kindle content from the Kindle application for Android. To enable the sync option go through the following steps:
  • Open the menu for your Android device.
  • Tap on the icon for sync.
  • Select the Menu option for older devices and enable “Sync” to synchronize all the Kindle books, location, and other highlights on that Android device.

Also feel free to get Kindle Support any time you find the problem while troubleshooting the issue.


  1. Make sure the payment information is valid : Verify your one click payment settings by following the steps listed below :
  • Open the settings menu for your Android devices.
  • Choose the option for “Manage content and Devices.”
  • Click on the Kindle account.
  • Select the option for “Kindle Payment settings.”
  • Highlight the option for “one-click Payment Method” and click on “edit” to verify the details and make changes if necessary.
  1. Make sure your Android device is not registered to a wrong Kindle account : If this is the situation, then you should log out from that account by following few simple steps listed below:
  • Click on the option for the menu from the home screen of your Android device.
  • Select the option for “Settings.”
  • Tap on the option to “Unregister the device.”
  • Confirm it by clicking on Logout.

Doing this will log you out of that wrong account, and now you can sign in to the correct account by repeating the same procedure as your registered earlier. It might help you in solving the problem.

So whenever you face any download issues with Kindle content then follow the above-listed steps to address the issues. Remember you always head to www Kindle Com Support for all other Kindle help options.

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