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March 14th, 2018 Comments

The Truth About Burning Fat

Millions of Americans suffer from obesity. It is a problem that greatly affects their day-to-day lives and can significantly compromise their health and lifespan. One of the simplest ways to combat obesity is through old-fashioned exercise. Sure, many people dread the thought of donating so much of their time to a more active lifestyle, but those who follow through with it are pleasantly surprised by the way it improves their lives.

Most people have a bad habit of oversimplifying the act of exercising and especially it affects on their bodies. It is a routine that is highly customizable; able to tailor specifically to the goal you are trying to achieve. For instance, valued by most novice exercisers, the ability to burn fat.

Start With Your Diet

In an ideal world, you would be able to eat whatever you want as long as you exercise and remain active as a way of balancing out any food. However, if you are trying to lose any significant amount of weight, you might want to check your fridge before you hit that treadmill. Many people do not realize just how many calories are contained in their favorite food. A single meal could be enough to have you on a treadmill for over an hour and only get you back to where you started.

It is because of this that you should always start with making changes to your eating habits.

“With rates of obesity increasing, more and more people are making their goal to burn fat during their workouts. In order to burn fat, however, you must be in a caloric deficit, which can be accomplished either by reducing the number of calories you eat each day or increasing your energy expenditure through exercise. Often, people will do a combination of both to burn fat as quickly as possible.” (AskMen)

Not being in a significant caloric deficit and exercising is similar to running in place, you don’t make any progress, and you’re stuck in the place you started. In order to shed one pound, you need to create a caloric deficit of 3,500. This can be incredibly frustrating for people trying to lose weight, but once a solid compromise between caloric intake and workout routine is mastered, the results really start to show.

Note on Lean Muscle

A problem that many first-timers might encounter is the trouble discerning between burning fat as opposed to burning lean muscle tissue.

“This is a big mistake that many people make as they attempt to burn fat — rather than getting leaner, they lose a combination of both muscle and fat. In order to prevent this from happening and ensure you just burn fat, aim to increase your protein intake, limit the volume of cardio you’re performing and maintain your usual heavy lifting. Lightening the weight on the bar is the primary reason why individuals suffer from the lean muscle mass loss.” (AskMen)

This is another balance highly synchronized by trainers, especially those looking to build muscle, not just lose fat.

Your Scale

Another small helpful tip would be to disregard the reading on your scale because there is a good chance it would only discourage you. As you begin to work out more and start eating right, the changes in your body will be significant. However, if you equally lose fat and turn it into muscle, your scale is going to tell you that you have made zero progress. A scale does not discern between healthy muscle weight and unhealthy fat weight, which is okay, except that most people are prone to measure progress by an actual loss in weight. It is a common misconception that deserves more explanation.

Your Diet

Start by increasing your intake of healthy fats. I get that the term “healthy fat” sounds like an oxymoron, but try supplementing your diet with more fish, nuts, peanut butter, olive oil, or egg yolks. These healthier fats will help you burn fat, recover from a workout, build muscle and even promote cardiovascular health. Visit our site for more effective health tips.

Also, if you really want to start seeing progress, lose some of those carbs. Low-carb diets are just as popular as they are polarizing. However, something both the pro-carb side and the anti-carb side can agree on is that lowering your intake of carbs like sugars and starches is a highly effective way to tailor your diet to burn fat. Instead, vegetables or oatmeal, for instance, are perfectly healthy sources of carbohydrates that can help kick-start your fat burning experience.

And So

Burning fat is not difficult. Anyone can turn their body into the ideal picture of health, and thus improve their self-image. In fact, burning off all that fat will take far less time than it took to put it all on. It is all a matter of determination. With enough time and willpower, anyone could look the way they’ve always wanted.

The Most Successful People Get Help

It’s possible to put in lots of effort and hard work to get through the weight loss trials and tribulations. But, if you want help burning fat and losing weight quickly, consider trying Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract or Pure GCE for short. This natural supplement has helped thousands of others take off (and keep off) the weight. Their official website is giving away two bottles for free, as well as offering free shipping if you get it from the official store.

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