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April 17th, 2018 Comments

Can Kibin writing service offer you good products

Today, almost every business is on the Internet. With a search on Google, you can find anything – and this includes someone to write an essay for you. Overworked students are becoming a more and more common occurrence, and more than half of them are turning towards the Internet for help.

However, not every essay writing service may prove to be your cup of tea. Some may be more suitable for people requiring editing services. Similarly, other services may be more appropriate for people requiring college entrance word. Depending on the website that you choose, these may or may not be a very suitable choice for you.

For this reason, we have decided to put together a Kibin review so that every prospective user will know what to expect. With that in mind, after analyzing various sources of feedback, here is what we found:

Products That You’ll Find is the kind of service that can be useful for many types of text-seekers – but not in the standard mode of essay writing services. Unlike other companies that offer original writing and research, this one only deals with proofreading and editing.

In other words, if you need a research paper written from scratch, including the research gathering, then Kibin will not be able to help you much. On the other hand, if you already have the research paper and you only need to “touch it up,” then this service will be able to give you a hand.

The service is not only limited to college essays. According to testimonials on Kibin, people have requested to have resumes and work done for job-seeking and business alike. This means that if you have a press release that requires someone’s attention, then you can place an order on

The Staff Capability

Unlike other websites that are rather secretive about their writers, this one works on the “All cards on deck” system. By scrolling to the bottom of their main page, you can see a section entitled “meet the editors.” There you can not only see pictures of the staff, but you can also see their geographic location, their educational background, and their experience. 

In order to protect the privacy of the business, this was made to be subscription-based. Therefore, unless you had an account on, you could not see the personal details of the writer – nor could you upload your documents for an order.

Customer reviews had a lot of things to say about this service, in the sense that they were both good and bad. Some claimed that they were highly satisfied with the results that they got, while others say the results could have turned out much better. The overall rating is fairly low, so you may want to do some research beforehand.

The customer support is quickly responsive, but they will only be able to help you concerning technical aspects. They will not be able to tell you exact prices, for example, since they do not directly handle the papers. Only the editor will know that.

The Prices

There are no exact prices on, as they are set depending on the difficulty level of the paper. At the same time, there were no discounts, nor were there any coupon codes or even a promo code. Upon having your document looked at, you will be given an average price – that may or may not change by the end of the term.

Overall, is a good option if you already have the paper but don’t have the time necessary to edit it. It’s a particularly good option if the paper is long and complex, such as a dissertation. 



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