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May 15th, 2018 Comments

Advantages Of College In Front Of The University


You can obtain a higher education both from colleges and universities, but the difference between these institutions is not always clear and often, this raises questions not only for foreign students but also even for the Americans themselves. Choosing between those academic institutions is as hard as for buy research paper outline. So, let's see how these institutions differ from each other.

Very Briefly

The main difference is in their purpose, cost, teaching staff and social status of pupils.

College, unlike universities, admits fewer applicants, its campus occupies a smaller area and activities are aimed primarily at training. Students, who study there, receive more individual attention and support. Private schools are the most expensive and elite institutions, for example, Dartmouth is a part of the Ivy League. And the most budget-friendly are Community schools, institutions with pupils of all ages. As a rule, in these institutions, people study only the first two years and then transferred to the University. Thus, you have the opportunity to save on the cost of the first two courses, to determine the specialty and to transfer to a specialized University for the third year.

The main activity of the university is aimed at scientific research, publications and research. Audiences can accommodate hundreds of applicants who receive a much smaller degree of individual approach. The University campus occupies a large territory and is a campus where you can study, live, play sports, go to clubs of interest, work and have fun (there are cafes, cinema, and shops).

A Bit Deeper

  1. 1.      The reputation of the college in the United States

In the past, American municipal college did not have a very good reputation. It was believed that only people who are unable to enter the University or do not have sufficient financial capacity study here. However, things are changing.

Today completely different people study in college and study here is considered as a worthy step on the way to obtaining this or that profession. In addition, for economic reasons, many applicants can no longer expect financial support from their parents and prefer to receive an associate degree in College without entering an expensive University.

  1. 2.      What is Community College?

It is a purely American phenomenon – this type of educational institution was created in order to make higher education more accessible to the population. Today, not only Americans but also foreigners can study in such schools. Traditionally, it has a convenient location and a relatively low cost of training.

With its location in the city, municipal institutions are popular among local pupils, especially those who want to study close to home, having a family, as well as with older mates and those who return to school after a break. This is more convenient for many people. Thus, in such institutions, your classmates will be completely different people, which will make the learning process more interesting and unusual.

Traditionally, people see College education in the United States as a step towards University education or as an alternative to University education.

  1. 3.      What can you study in College?

The College, as well as the University, offers a variety of different programs for students to choose from. Students can choose to specialize in a particular subject, preparing for further study or work in the specialty.

What should you keep in mind? After graduation, you can get a certificate or diploma, and get an academic degree associate usually takes 2 years. Further, young people can enroll in the University for a bachelor's degree Program, which also lasts 2 years. That is what many students do. This system is called "2 + 2" (2 years in College and 2 years in University) and is very popular among students due to many reasons. The fact is that the material studied in first two years makes it easy to enter the University and halve the period of study under the bachelor program. Thus, it is a good opportunity for many young people.

In order to study under the "2+2" program, the courses studied at the College must correspond to the future University specialization of the student. Thus, an institution and suitable courses need to be chosen according to what you want to study at the University.

  1. 4.      Student life in College

Today, many colleges in the United States can be called "small towns" because they are trying to adopt the features of student life at American universities. There are interest clubs, sports clubs, etc. However, it is a small and close community, which does not convey the atmosphere of real life on campus.

However, many students feel more confident and comfortable in College, not in a higher educational institution. Why does it happen? It is primarily about shy and not very sociable students who do not like large communities, as well as foreigners who face language barriers and other difficulties.

Advantages Of Studying In College

One of the main advantages of such educational institutions is that here you can get an academic degree in just two years. Thus, the student saves money and time. Students of the "2+2" program also save half the cost of the undergraduate program. In other words, in General, students of the "2+2" program pay less for education than students who study 4 years only in the bachelor!

Also, it offers more focused and professional education. Thus, young professionals who have gained the necessary experience and are ready to work are trained here. And this is not the only benefit. In addition, such institution allows a student to choose a convenient schedule of classes and earn extra money in their spare time. Many colleges are located in small towns, which also reduces the cost of student accommodation and meals.


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