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June 8th, 2018 Comments

How to Have the Best Footage and Photos of Your Wedding?

We live in a modern world - technologies are all around us so do wedding photographer in toronto, our phones have 20 megapixel cameras, tablets are FullHD, and semi-professional (whatever that is) cameras and GoPro cameras are cheaper than ever. Photographers fully understand the desire of all relatives and friends to capture and share every wedding moment, but explain to them that for this purpose there is a team of professionals who will then represent more than great footage and video. And you will want these great shots and video from the team, not from your cousin with the Galaxy S6 or the aunt with the iPad and the pink cover that interfere with the first kiss. Even more, in the ritual room and in the church, it is better for the background to have smiling people, not snapping lightning, perplexing the atmosphere of the event.

Passage for congratulations and gifts at the tables in the restaurant

In the evenings, there is usually a party in a restaurant at its full strength ... Until the DJ announces that the young family will go through each table, guests will be able to express their wishes to them. The music is diminishing, the lights are getting stronger, and the next one hour everyone stands and stays in order to give them a gift. Yes, this is an expression of respect for every guest, but no, that is not really the best option. It takes too much time (paid to a restaurant, DJ, photographer and video operator), hinders the funny move very seriously and is not comfortable for guests. These things should definitely be avoided and one should strive to make the whole ceremony as simple as possible, of course in a previous discussion with your partner making sure that you are both on the same page.

The most needed things for the whole ceremony are:


  •  a gift table, the DJ directs the guests to leave their presents there and all evening they all have fun;
  • reception of greetings and gifts of welcome drink - the guests take a glass of champagne in their hand, pass and give their presents to the couple.This usually happens in the restaurant's garden and the bonus is that it can happen while the guests are still gathering;
  •  reception of congratulations and gifts at the entrance of the restaurant - the couple welcomes the guests at the entrance, accepts gifts, they are accommodated and all the evening have fun.

After the wedding

Relax, go for a honeymoon and spend time together. Then contact the "suppliers" to thank them for the great service they provided. Also, do not forget to send thank you cards to your guests who gave you wonderful presents. It is important to stay calm through the entire ceremony and be sure that everything is according to your taste and it is exactly like you’ve pictured it. With the right people and service, everything will be simply perfect.

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