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June 15th, 2018 Comments

What is the Right Technique to use Medicines?

The right technique of inhalation of drugs is essential for people with asthma according to Kitchener Pharmacies. Otherwise, there is a risk that they will take a much smaller dose than needed.

What are the most common mistakes?

When using a metering spray, people most often find it difficult to breathe and inject simultaneously. Also, patients often forget that after spraying they have to hold their breath for a short while.

The same applies to powder inhalers. The active substance does not automatically reach the injection itself, which is finely distributed in the lung. It is fragmented into fine particles only when inhaled. In this method many patients also inhaled mistakenly or immediately exhaled.

Why is it so important to master the technique?

Only with proper use of the inhaler, the drug spray reaches the bronchi where it unfolds its action. For example, if you do not breathe deep enough, much of the medicine for asthma remains blocked in the upper respiratory tract. If you keep the air too short, you literally breathe the product out.

Here's how to properly use a spray, asthma inhaler:


  1. If necessary for the preparation, shake the dispenser vigorously
  2. Take the aerosol vertically and inhale deeply
  3. Put the mouthpiece and wrap it with your lips
  4. Tilt the head slightly back so that the substance falls easier in the lungs
  5. Inhale deeply and simultaneously press the dose knob. Very important: Inhale slowly to get the substance to the bronchi
  6. Continue to breathe in and finally hold the air for 5-10 seconds
  7. Remove mouthpiece from mouth and slowly exhale through nose.

Use of a powdered medicine inhaler:

  1. First prepare the inhaler so that you can inhalate different doses. This process varies according to the type of inhaler
  2. Exhale, put the mouthpiece and tilt the head back slightly - just like the spray. Important: Do not breathe in the appliance as the dust in it will moisten and become wet
  3. Now inhale quickly and deeply. Only through a strong inhalation will you be able to bring the substance from the inhaler to the bronchi
  4. Finally, remove the mouthpiece and slowly exhale through the nose.

If you need to inhaled cortisone, rinse your mouth after using mainly with water and eat something a little. This will prevent a possible fungal infection in the oral cavity.

For all asthma sprays, a general rule applies. Regular cleaning is required - once every 3 to 7 days. In the mouthpiece there may be leftovers to block it. Use the dosing aerosol, then remove the mouthpiece, rinse it with water, and let it dry to dry. For dust inhalers, cleaning the mouthpiece should only be done with a dry cloth.

When you get the device for the first time, ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain in detail how to use it. Take a test inhalation spot and ask for your opinion whether you use it correctly. In some inhalers, a beep sounds when everything is done properly.

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