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June 15th, 2018 Comments

What Type of Garage Door to Choose

Every house, residential building or industrial building needs a quality, secure and reliable garage door. Today www.rwdoors.comhas prepared some useful tips for choosing such a type of door for your needs. We will look at the details, the manufacturing technology, the materials used to manufacture them and the guidelines for building the openings for all types of garage sectional doors.

Garage sectional doors have been introduced in the marketplace over the years thanks to the optimal use of space to provide the maximum light passage for your vehicle. They are made of sandwich panels with a thickness of 42 mm - two 0.7 mm steel sheets filled with polyurethane foam, which gives 100% factoring inside / out. When selecting this type of panel, pay special attention to this type of thickness. There are manufacturers who advertise their product in this way but actually offer you a 20mm panel from the inside. The panels themselves have two sizes of height - 510mm and 610mm. Depending on the size of your door, these panels are further processed to obtain the final size as desired. At the bottom of each panel, at the bottom and at the top, you should pay attention to the steel curves that are placed at the work itself for added strength. To make sure these resellers are available, you can ask your vendor-consultant to show you a section of a panel and show you exactly where they are.

They serve to protect against panel breakage and for extended service life.

Another important component is the vertical and horizontal rails, on which the panels themselves move, after assembling one another. The rails should be deeply galvanized and well forged on the wall and ceiling. This is the main component of stability of your chosen product. Pay special attention to the track on which the rollers attached to the panels themselves are moving - no more than 1mm bolts or nuts should protrude to prevent the rollers from moving. It is recommended that this track be cleaned with a fine lubricant periodically in 2-3 months to remove all kinds of junk that has fallen into place and would interfere with the proper operation of your garage door.

Depending on the size of your door, it is driven by two types of springs - Built in the lateral vertical columns of smaller sizes, Bigger door springs and in the presence of a 25 cm beam over the light or rear springs in the absence of a seat from before. Each up-located spring has a steel shaft and a mandatory service life of 24,000 cycles. It is good to ask your sales consultant for the origin of this type of components and their guaranteed lifetime

At their lower end, they are well fastened to the first panel, and in the upper one to a drum mounted on the steel shaft and spring (at the upper springs) or to a roller in the upper corner and mounted to the vertical springs (with built-in vertical springs).

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