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July 13th, 2018 Comments

Your Biggest Investment: Tips to Keep Your Home Protected Now and in the Future

Protect Your Biggest Investment With These Tips
Your home should be as safe as possible. Everyone wants to come through the door, sit down, prepare a meal and rest. You want your home to to be safe no matter what you're doing. Unfortunately, there are lots of people who are happy to disturb your privacy and take your valuable items. They can make you feel unsafe and scared. Accidents in the home are common. Luckily, there are steps all homeowners can take to protect their biggest investment. There are lots of ways to ward off burglars or keep them from stealing things of value. 

Create a Plan 

Creating a plan is an ideal way to make sure all areas of your home are as safe as you can make them. You want to think about every single room as well as all of your outdoor spaces including your front yard, backyard, garage and any terraces. Fortunately, DIY home security is easier than ever. There are lots of ways to solve any security challenges you'll face. An effective plan also takes where you live and any ways that an invader might come inside. 

A Home Security System 

Any home security plan begins with the basics. An alarm is a must. Many burglars see a home security system in place and move on. The security system indicates that the homeowner is well aware of their potential plans. When you get a home security alarm, you may need to get a permit. Some cities, like Austin, Texas, require a permit and require the homeowner to pay a small fee. Make sure your alarm only goes off when you want it to go off or you may face additional fees if they come out for a false alarm. You can also add breaking window and door sensors for an additional layer of protection. If you have a baby, an alarm can alert you when his nap is done. A simple DIY home security system is easy and affordable and checks all the boxes! 

Give the Intruder a False Alarm 

Burglars know they risk getting caught the second they step inside your home. Make it easy for them to dash out quickly while feeling they've still earned something for their efforts. Create a box that obviously holds valuables somewhere visible. Fill it with stuff that looks real but isn't very costly. Costume jewelry, a few bucks and some phony I.D. papers take attention away from items of real value. 

Use Technology Wisely 

Home invaders are using technology for their own ends. You want to avoid certain scams. For example, never put a picture of your front door or any locks on any social media. For a small fee, companies today are willing to send out keys that can open any door when you show them a picture of the lock. Keep your locks away from social media. 

Secure Those Weak Spots 

Every home has a few weak spots. For example, sliding glass doors are nice and convenient. But they're also an easy place for a burglar to get inside quickly. You want to make sure you have a lock on your sliding glass doors. Burglars who can't open them will either try another way to get inside or simply leave. The same is also true of your door jambs. They may look just fine but you should make them even more secure with a coating of a product such as EZ Armor. 

Preserve Your Privacy 

Privacy is not only enjoyable, it's also a safety feature. If intruders can't see inside your home, they can't determine if you're home. Consider growing a layer of bushes close to your windows. Keep your blinds closed at night. Consider using an opaque film on the windows. It will filter out light and unwanted views while also adding extra privacy. 

These small measures can add up. A few quick, easy steps can ward off burglars and protect your cherished items. Ultimately, they provide the wonderful sense you are truly safe.

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