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September 5th, 2018 Comments

Dog Obedience Training For A Happy Pup

There are many ways to go about training your dog, but by far the best way is to be able to see and copy the actions of a successful dog trainer with your own dog.

One of the best sources of information for this is the dog training video that you can refer to as many times as needed to learn the skills involved.Of course, there are also some great dog training books that can help new owners train their young pet’s. If you are a reader, then perhaps this method will suit you best; but for many, the online video or DVD  is the way to go.

All good dog training methods these days focus on the reinforcement of good behavior rather than the punishment for unacceptable behaviour.It's best to grasp this essential mindset first… you will find the learning of dog training skills much easier if you approach it from this positive point of view. Your dog wants to please  you.. so use this fact to reward him at every opportunity.

There are many specialist dog obedience training resources that will assist dog owners with young pets or dogs that have separation anxiety behaviors such as chewing on furniture when they are left alone. Some owners also struggle with issues like aggressive behavior, house training, establishing who is the Alpha, or dominant personality in the home and setting boundaries.Regardless if you are a new pet owner or you raise canines on a professional level, two of the best training resources available to you are those shown on our home page.

We have tried just about every dog training resource on the net and these two Dog Obedience Training  courses are the cream of the crop.

Dog training books range from general training to behavior problems to specific methods. Once you make a decision about what type of training you need for your pet, you can then focus on resources that will help you reach that goal.

It’s extremely important to utilize resources that are easy to use and effective. For example, a training book on The Clicker Method rewards dogs with treats when they follow commands. Other methods on which dog training books are produced are The Dog Whisperer Method as well as the Positive Reinforcement Method. Both of these methods exercise training tools that promote non-violent owner treatment while training your pet. 

It is always to your benefit to review the basics of training methods before you decide which method to use. Consider your dog’s personality and how a specific type of training might work for him or her. Sticking to a less structured training regime and buying a variety of dog training books may not be what your dog needs to learn. Online tools are also available with reviews of dog training books and tips on how to get more results from them. This could serve as a great resource in determining what book should be used to train your pet.

Whether you bring home a puppy or a full-grown dog, it is important to have a plan in place. In a new home with new owners a dog will require some form of training so that everyone can coexist peacefully. There are several dog training books on specific methods available to help train your pet. If you stick to one method of training, be certain to research it and know what other owners and your veterinarian think about it. If your dog needs training in certain areas, choose a method that focuses on particular types of behavior. Whatever your preference there is a large variety of dog training books available to assist you with making a dog a wonderful addition to your family.

When you are training a new dog, it is best to face reality: most of us are not the Dog Whisperer… but we can learn all that is necessary to make our dog's life a happy one with good behavior skills and a healthy respect for the leader of the pack…. you!

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