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September 17th, 2018 Comments

How to Treat Heartburn During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, one of the most common health problems that women suffer is heartburn or acid reflux. It is common among the women who are going to give birth and there are plenty of reasons behind the same.

The reason behind acid reflux is simple. During pregnancy, your body releases progesterone in order to relax your muscles. However, this doesn’t only relax your body muscles, it also relaxes your stomach valves that keep acids out of the esophagus. And this, at the end, leads to heartburn. If you check out this website, you will get lot of information about this problem as well as numerous ways to get rid of the same.

Treating Acid Reflux During Pregnancy

However, acid reflux symptoms during pregnancy are same as the normal ones. And they can be treated the same way. Here are a few tips to treat acid reflux pregnancy –

  • Eat smaller meals

If you have been suffering from morning sickness, then eating small amount of food at a time is not a problem for you. But, not everyone suffers from morning sickness and not everyone suffers from bad appetite during pregnancy. If you are someone who has a good and healthy appetite, then be sure to avoid too much at one time. Rather, opt for smaller meals divided into various meals for the whole day.

  • Eat Slowly

As they say, slow and steady wins the race. In this case, you should be patient while eating as well. Do not just gulp down your food. Take it slow and with a plenty of time in hands. Always try to relax and enjoy your meal thoroughly. It will help you to avoid overeating.

  • Drink a lot of water

Water is something that can help you get rid of almost everything. And when you want to prevent or get rid of heartburn, it is one of the best ways to do so. However, while you are expecting child, and suffering from heartburn, you should be cautious about how you are drinking water.

Do not just gulp-down a glass of water all together. Rather, take a sip or two at a time. It is better if you drink your water during the day rather than just between your meals.

  • Do not go to sleep right after your meal

It is better if you go take a small walk or just sit and relax after your meal. Or maybe you can just do some small house work. Going to sleep right after your meal can be a reason for acid reflux symptoms. Also, do not bend down or do not do anything that requires you to bend down.

  • Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

Tight fitting clothes are not only uncomfortable during pregnancy, but it can also trigger acid reflux. It can put pressure on your already cramped abdomen and you may have to suffer from uneasy acid reflux symptoms. In order to avoid those, it is always better if you wear loose fitting clothes.

  • Avoid Foods that triggers acid reflux symptoms

There are a few foods and few things that can trigger acid reflux or bloating while you are pregnant. Therefore, you should be well-aware of those particular foods. Avoid eating too much of chocolates, tomatoes, garlic, spicy foods or even fast foods if you wish to get rid if acid reflux symptoms.

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