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September 18th, 2018 Comments

Medicate your acid reflux with easy home remedies

Are you someone who is suffering from acid reflux? Are you afraid to eat without having to worry that the food you take might just get regurgitated up your and out of your mouth? Then this article is for you. Unfortunately, a lot of people suffer from acid reflux these days. It is a common ailment and one that is easily treatable also. There are lots of natural remedies that you can try in order to get relief from acid reflux and in this article you will learn about them.

Why do people get acid reflux and heartburns?

Heartburn is a result of recurrent acid reflux. When a person suffers from regular acid refluxes, then he experiences severe pain in his chest, these pains usually go away after sometime but the pain is still quite a lot. Acid reflux is caused when the food from your stomach gets regurgitated upwards to the mouth. It is caused due to too much acidity in the stomach. By avoiding foods that induce acidity and by taking more foods which help to reduce acidity, you can avoid getting acid reflux easily.

What food items should you avoid?

In general, all friend foods must be avoided. You must not have any fatty food, or oily food. Thus, most types of junk food and fast food will be required to be totally avoided. Also alcohol should be kept to a minimum; you can have the one day when you take a glass of wine, but nothing more than that. Carbonated drinks like sodas and flavoured sodas are also agents that cause acidity, so you should avoid these too.

What home remedies can you use for acid reflux?

First, you must avoid all the food items mentioned above to not get any more acid reflux. You must eat food items which help in reducing your acidity. These include food items which are rich in complex carbohydrates like rice, flour, grains. These will not only give you more energy but will also absorb the extra gases in your stomach and reduce your acidity.

You should try having more cheese. Cheese is excellent for reducing acidity. There are a lot of different types of cheese available in the market. You can have cheese with bread, cheese with your salads. Do not have creamy cheese cakes as that will make you gain weight but you can have cheese in its natural form.

Green tea and ginger- You must have green tea regularly. It will flush out toxins from your body and make you healthier. Ginger will similarly help in reducing your acidity and improving your digestion.

You must not worry about getting Acid Reflux Medicine as there are plenty of home remedies for heartburn available.


Acid reflux is a common ailment that affects a lot of people. It is mostly due to the junk food and fast food that you have been taking regularly. By avoiding fatty fried food, sodas and all round acidic food in general, and by taking in more complex carbohydrate rich food, you will be able to solve your acid reflux problems in no time. Hopefully, the information in this article will have helped you.

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