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September 21st, 2018 Comments

Network Systems Engineer Jobs

Network Systems Engineer Job Description:

While generally a technical and complex position, company size shapes the job duties of the engineer. At a small company, a single engineer will often handle all tasks. In larger organizations, a team of engineers maintains the network. Whatever the size, companies prize the technical expertise of the network engineer.

Remodeling and Integration:

Systems Engineers remodel and integrate existing network facilities such as switches, WAPs, VoIP appliances and UPSs. This professional coordinates the design, planning, purchasing, installation, configuration, maintenance and testing of all network elements.

Network Services Management:

Having an active network remains essential for any organization. It means that the engineer must efficiently manage DNS, email, IP address, logical architecture, network traffic monitoring and shaping as well as other network-related services.

Network Administration:

Engineers develop and maintain scripts and utilities to automate repetitive routines and administer network and server control systems. Proper policies and procedures depend upon administrative authorization.

Educational Qualifications:

Engineers must hold an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in telecommunications, electronics, electrical engineering, information technology or computer science. The candidate can also pursue an MBA, currently held in high market demand.


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