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October 3rd, 2018 Comments

What is Noc Analyst?

A NOC (Network Operation Center) Analyst plays a crucial role in analyzing system issues and breakdowns the moment they occur across enterprise networks of clients and other users. This analyst undertakes research to resolve the issue or alerts and escalates the issue to network engineers and senior systems administrators should it prove complex. It is the responsibility of the analysts to perform research and document best practices to keep problems in check. They, therefore, need to have in-depth knowledge of current client technologies and understand how their operations may get impacted. Importantly, they need to work flexible hours, as issues crop up unannounced.

Besides, addressing issues round-the-clock, they may need to undertake simple system administration assignments, including strengthening operating systems and applications and resolving network or system problems.The analysts are responsible for resolving all network issues promptly, classifying them for assigning to the proper technical teams who would detect and identify, and following that, would prioritize troubleshooting problems as per clients’ business objectives.Analysts gather and assess various systems’ performance reports, in addition to describing application performance and hardware trends to assist higher-level technicians in anticipating future issues or outages.

Their responsibilities also encompass the observation of information from various sources and network systems, such as routers, switches, LAN/WAN systems, firewalls, servers, operating systems, backup and so on. Moreover, NOC Analysts also document all tasks as per client policies and processes, and they inform clients on breakdowns, the status of resolutions, and issues.

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Noc Analyst

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