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October 8th, 2018 Comments

Tips on inducing clarity and simplifying your assignment writing

Many students, use complex and long sentences, littered with long and unusual words, in their assignment writing services. Maybe they want to score brownie points by showing off their vocabulary or want to impress the reader with their ability to create long sentences. Whatever be the reason, it's a big mistake. For they are jeopardising the clarity and straightforwardness of their assignment by doing that.

When you are writing with clarity, and your assignment writingis simple you are getting your point across without too much effort on the reader's part.

Tricks for writing with clarity and simplicity

Given below are some tricks on inducing clarity in your assignment writing.

Keep the paragraphs short  

Long paragraphs look intimidating and feel quite dull for the reader. The human brain needs time to digest and process information that they receive. Writing short paragraphs will give the reader time to process the idea they received and then move on to the next one, which starts in a different paragraph. It's a bit like adding a period at the end of a sentence but only better. It helps the reader to comprehend your ideas more effectively.

Write as you speak

When we use verbal communication we don't make the sentences overly complicated, do we? We don't use jargon and hurl heavy and uncommon words at the listener. So why do we tend to do that when we write? It's always better to write as we speak. Using common words and simple sentences, using human expressions like casual language (not too casual though) and colloquies make us sound human.

Ask questions and give answers

The Socratic Method of asking questions and then providing answers works well for simplified writing as it helps in organising the students thought and thus the help the readers as well. It is one of the oldest and the simplest of tricks. 


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