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October 15th, 2018 Comments

Your First Week With Your New Puppy – 4 Puppy Dog Training Tips


Puppy dog training – The Importance of the First Week

What could be better than bringing a new puppy home?  Everybody wants to hold the cute little puppy and play with her as much as possible the first couple of days.  It’s so exciting for your family – and for your new puppy too.

All this attention can wear your puppy out.  And if you’re short on structure and have few if any boundaries you can confuse her and also make her feel insecure.

That’s why it’s so important that you prepare for your new puppy’s arrival and decide what the house rules and routine will be before you bring her home.  And you’ll need to stick with them, even as you begin the process of puppy dog training.

Why Routine Is An Important Part of Puppy dog training

Up until now, your little puppy has lived his entire short life comforted and nurtured by his mom and his littermates.

Now he’s out of this safe and secure environment and is alone in your home.  What will help your little puppy feel secure again?  Aside from your care and love, your pup will respond well to a routine he can depend on.  You’re going to have to be consistent with mealtime, playtime, and housebreaking.

  • Before you take your puppy home, decide who will be responsible for feeding your puppy and make sure that person will be available to keep a regular feeding schedule for your dog.
  • Speak to a breeder or a vet and find out the best way to feed your puppy in so far as the frequency and number of feedings she’ll have each day.

 Your beginning puppy dog training will be much smoother if your new dog has a routine that she can count on.

Why Rules are Important During Puppy dog training

Before you bring your puppy home you should establish some house rules for puppy dog training.

For example, where do you want your puppy to sleep at night?

  • If you say, “his crate”, then don’t let him sleep in bed with you.  Not even once.

Not if he whimpers.  Not if he cries, even throughout his first night at home with you.

If you give in you’re going to make co-sleeping part of your normal routine.  Remember, puppy dog training can work for you or against you.

Dogs are like small children; they need firm boundaries to live within for consistency and security.

If you stick to your rules your puppy will know what’s expected and in most cases will be happy to comply.

  • Being consistent with your rules is a very important part of effective puppy dog training.

Your new puppy will be a welcome addition to your family so long as you prepare for his arrival and establish routines and house rules that you all can stick with.

Enjoy your new puppy, and happy puppy dog training!

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